What Are Slimming Pills and How Do They Work to Help You Lose Weight?

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At the advent of the new year, one of the goals that often top people’s lists of resolutions is weight loss. A lot of individuals tend to pack on some extra pounds over the holidays and therefore make it an objective to shed it off during the new year. Unfortunately, however, this goal does not stick and most fall off the wagon after a couple of weeks. This is because people often get discouraged with the amount of exercise and heavy lifting they need to do. Dieting also does become a problem as one is forced to cut out things they were used to indulging into, such as alcohol, sugars, and fried foods. To combat this problem, many have turned to the use of slimming pills, as they seem easier and more efficient to use.

What are slimming pills?

Slimming pills are a type of supplement or medication taken to aid in the process of weight loss. Depending on a person’s case, they can receive a prescription from the doctor or get them over the counter. There are a variety of pills in the market that promise to provide results. They mainly work in the following three different ways:

  • Curbing your appetite

These appetite suppressants work by creating a feeling of fullness when you eat, therefore causing you to eat much less. They can also control hunger pangs. These pills can prove to be effective, as they will enable you to maintain a calorie deficit which is necessary for weight loss. The safest way to use these pills is by obtaining a prescription from your doctor as they know what can work for you best. Furthermore, there is a certain criterion that one would need to first achieve before using these pills, such as having a body mass index of 30. If you prefer to get them over the counter, take your time to do some research and ensure that they are best for you. If used incorrectly, one may experience side effects such as dizziness, fatigue, or jaundice. Some examples of appetite suppressants include Saxenda or Qsymia.

  • Fat absorption inhibition

Some drugs such as Orlistat which goes by the name Alli, work by preventing the absorption of fat from food. For fats to be absorbed into the body, they have to be broken down into smaller pieces first. The drug, therefore, works by blocking this enzyme, preventing the intestines from absorbing this fat. It is therefore passed out of the body. This helps in boosting weight loss since it reduces the number of calories taken in from the food. These pills do not however block the absorption of sugars from other types of food. To maintain a calorie deficit, therefore, you would need to still pay attention to the portions of other food groups that you eat.

  • Increased metabolism

These types of pills work effectively based on the ingredient composition that they have. Some ingredients such as caffeine helps to increase thermogenesis which increases the number of calories burned. Other ingredients such as L-carnitine will help your body to burn more fat into energy. With a careful selection of ingredients, you can find slimming pills that will effectively boost your metabolism and enable your body to lose fat and consequently weight loss.

Are slimming pills effective?

There have been claims that these pills work for many and have enabled them to achieve their weight loss goals. However, as with all medication, abuse or misuse can lead to detrimental effects. It is important to therefore ensure that you consult with your doctor before using slimming pills, especially if you have some type of underlying condition.

How to get the most out of weight loss pills

Always remember that they are not a magical fix to your problem, and they will not shed away the pounds overnight. A lot of people have been duped by these types of false advertising and have spent money on potentially harmful products that promise quick fixes. It will take time before you see any concrete results and you must be patient. Moreover, you must remember that these products are meant to assist you in your weight loss journey, but you still have to put in the work. As such, it is necessary to maintain a clean, healthy diet as well as frequent and regular exercise. This is the only way to shed off the weight and keep it gone. Remember, the goal is to create a healthy, sustainable routine and lifestyle.


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