Shared Hosting Vs. VPS Hosting – Which Is Better?


Shared hosting requires sharing a server and resources such as storage and bandwidth with other website owners. VPS hosting also is shared hosting, but the main difference is that you do not share the resources and the server with other users. These two types of hosting have their differences, and each has its pros and cons, as you will find below.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most preferred for new website owners due to its price. It requires you to share the server and resources with other websites. As you find a hosting service for your site, the most important thing to consider is what each offers your business. Some of the benefits and shortcomings of shared hosting include the following.


  •                     Affordability

If you are tight on budget and your website is new, shared hosting will suit you best.

  •                     Ease Of Maintenance

Your hosting provider caters to the technical issues on your behalf; thus, you do not have to bother with them. Therefore, shared hosting becomes ideal for people who do not have the technical skills to maintain a website. You do not need special skills to operate the content management systems since they are user-friendly.

  •                     Suitable For Small Sites

Sites that do not have massive traffic can work well with shared hosting.


  •                     Security Risks

The security features on a shared server are not as comprehensive on shared hosting as the case is with VPS hosting.

  •                     Poor Performance

Since shared hosting works on sites with less traffic, should your users increase, then the website may not perform well. There may be downtime and slow speeds that can adversely affect your online business’s progress. The bandwidth on shared hosting is minimal since several sites are dependent on it.

When to Opt For Shared Hosting

The following are instances when you can opt for shared hosting.

  •                     You are planning to start a business.
  •                     You are running a small blog.
  •                     You are at the experimenting stage and do not initially wish to spend much money.
  •                     You are running a business that you do not foresee significant growth in the future.
  •                     Your site does not attract much traffic daily; thus no need for more bandwidth and space.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting offers more than shared hosting even though you share a server with others. However, you get to use a virtual dedicated server with more features than the one a shared server offers.


  •                     More Resources

The bandwidth and space on a VPS are more than what shared hosting offers. Therefore, if you have massive traffic or hope to generate more in the future, you can comfortably serve your customers without worrying about disappointing them.

  •                     Flexibility

Expansion of your site is easy with VPS because the hosting provides you solutions to scale up or down. Business goes through good and bad times, and it is essential to have flexible hosting to accommodate it when it is thriving or slowing.

  •                     High Control Level

If you are tech-savvy, then operating VPS is easy as it gives users a high level of control of the control panel configuration. Unlike shared hosting, where there is no customization, VPS allows you to configure settings to your liking.

  •                     Customer Support

Not every website owner has the technical skills to operate a server; thus, they may need assistance at some point. With VPS, the packages come with reliable customer service to contact a technician to sort your issue.

  •                     Security

Even though there is security with shared hosting, a VPS plan comes with a more comprehensive security system. Some sites require more protection than others, and if yours is one of them, you can consider VPS.


  •                     Cost

When paying for VPS hosting, you will spend more money than with a shared plan. However, the features that the program offers are all worth the price.

  •                     Technical Expertise

Even though allowing users to configure settings in the plan is an advantage, it may not favor everyone. At some point, you may require a specialist to help with technical maintenance.

Instances When You Can Opt For VPS Hosting

  •                     When running a medium to large-sized business
  •                     You foresee business growth soon
  •                     You want to customize the settings of your server
  •                     You can afford to pay for the plan
  •                     Need reliable customer support

Which Is Better Between Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting

Any hosting is suitable depending on what you are looking for in a package. Shared hosting will do if you are starting a business and have a tight budget. If yours is a medium to large business and has more traffic on your site, then VPS will be the most suitable.

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