How Eric Castellano Uses Social Media to Inspire People


Social Media is a popular platform to inspire and educate young people through content creation. Eric Castellano is a famous business influencer who has been creating content on different aspects of Amazon’s business to help new sellers learn and grow their own business on various social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Eric is an 8 figure Amazon seller operating one of the largest third-party companies in the world. He has received the Two Comma Club Award from Clickfunnels for his recognition as an exceptional business figure in the market.

Now the CEO of AmazonLit, Eric started as a young online seller and gradually grew to become a successful entrepreneur with many achievements. He sells over 3 million orders in his online business all over the U.S per year.

Climbing the ladder of success with his own efforts and hard work, Eric is now a social media influencer who makes video content about various business strategies and ideas that can help people who are new to the business world. Eric is a very humble person who believes that every new seller deserves an equal opportunity to grow their business. His past experiences and failures have made him firm that he should help young and existing online sellers on Amazon by sharing his knowledge with them.

Through his consulting agency, AmazonLit, Eric wants to create a more inclusive Amazon community that helps each seller grow and expand their business by addressing their individual needs. He has learned a lot by dealing with customers, attracting sales, promoting products, and expanding his business. Now, he is on the mission to help others grow as well through his social media content. ‘EsellersRI’ is a training program that he has launched to help new business owners. His expertise in e-commerce makes him the perfect mentor for small businesses on Amazon.

Eric posts online content because he believes that it can be helpful for the audience to learn and follow their own passion for launching their brands. He simplifies every complex concept and explains it in detail so that every layman can understand him. He also has a YouTube channel called AmazonLit where he posts all the video content about different aspects of Amazon’s business along with e-commerce related content. His Instagram has about 80.7k followers, where he posts helpful content for the new and existing business owners.

By expanding his own business and helping others, Eric has become an inspiration to many. Through his content creation as well as being an Instagram Influencer and a successful CEO, Eric can bring out the potential of new and existing Amazon business. He has been featured in the Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc 500 for his optimistic personality and unique charm as a businessman.

In the future, Eric aims to help 20,000 Amazon sellers to grow their businesses and his personal goal is to expand his own business by increasing Amazon sales to $100 million per year.

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