3 Pieces of Creative Advice for Musicians, by Musician Temple Naylor


Temple Naylor is an established independent musician who has been a part of the music business for the past four years. Despite his youth, he has managed to create respect and a name in the field and is a credible source of inspiration for new and upcoming artists.


Temple suffered from hurdles and failures in the early years of his career, but he managed to navigate through them successfully. Today he believes that it was the failures that taught him more than his accomplishments. With his experience in the field and his passion for art, he shares three useful pieces of creative advice for musicians.


  1. Understand Your Motivation

Temple wants all upcoming musicians and inspiring artists to stop and think about the reason behind their careers in music. He believes that it is necessary to understand your motivation behind the efforts. Is it the fame or money that motivates you, or do you genuinely love the art?


For Temple, his music journey was not driven by money or fame. That was never what he aimed for. His motivation was fueled by a burning desire to have his voice and to be able to say something powerful and impactful. It was the aim to create a melody that spoke to the listeners and changed lives. He aspired to champion his creativity, and that was never affected by the amount of money he was making at the end of the day. Being true to the art and constantly striving to excel in it was his purpose and nothing stopped him from achieving that.


Temple believes that understanding the motive behind your career choice is what prepares you to act accordingly. Know why you are pursuing music, and make sure that the reason is strong enough so that nothing else could deter you.


2. Talent Is Not Enough

While many might tell you talent is all it takes to get there, Temple’s views are different. He believes that although talent plays a huge role in your success, you need to shine in other areas as well. Traits like reliability, integrity, authenticity, and punctuality can do wonders. Developing a good reputation can make your talent shine bright. Numerous talented people have damaged their careers all because of unprofessional and unkind attitudes.


3. Understand The Process

It is rare to see instant, overnight success. According to Temple Naylor, results take time, and it is a complete process that requires great struggle, patience, and never-ending efforts. There are numerous instances when people who are so musically talented take years to taste success. The music business is unpredictable, slow, and at times stagnant. Only the determined ones survive.

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