Top Twelve Quotes of Dr. Sam Qurashi That Have the Power to Aid Emotional Healing and Give Clarity


Life happens to everyone. At some point, we all experience emotional pain and require ways to heal ourselves. Sometimes, words are enough to move and help you. Words can have the power to heal you or break you. However, using the right words and having the ability to articulate them in such a way that they become a source of healing for the listener, is a rare gift.


Dr. Sam Qurashi is a modern-day philosopher who uses his power of words to generate emotional healing and have a lasting impact on the minds of his followers. He is an influencer who uses social media to help his followers learn to heal and change their perspectives on emotional wellbeing. A former psychiatric resident with years of experience, he discovered his gift with the words and his passion to help people through them and educate them about their feelings, emotions, and actions.


He is truly a master of words that can heal. Here is a collection of some of his most powerful quotes that are bound to make you rethink perspectives about life and emotions.


  1. We hold on to resentment to protect ourselves and we hold on to guilt to protect others.


  1. The absence of clarity is the absence of motivation.


  1. Emotions are not meant to be controlled but expressed, dissolved, and integrated.


  1.  When I expect, I give birth to the fear of losing what was never mine.


  1. Violence suffocates in the absence of injustice.


  1. The need to possess comes from the fear to lose


  1. When I react, I become a reflection of their perception instead of a projection of my truth.


  1. Boundaries are more about clarity than limitations.


  1. Freedom lies beyond fear.


  1.  Expectation is the enemy of gratitude.
  2. Moving towards what needs healing is the only way to heal.


  1. Emotions are meant to be released. The moment we trap them they trap us.



These quotes and a lot more are Dr. Sam’s honest efforts to abolish emotional slavery that has haunted modern living and made lives so twisted and exhausting. With his vision, he helps people reclaim control and feel emotionally resourceful. His quotes raise awareness and guide readers to understand the complexities of the human mind with such ease.


Dr. Sam believes pain is inevitable in life, so whenever it hits you, you need to be equipped well enough to deal with it. Through his brilliant content, he aims to be able to do just that.


You can access more of his brilliant and striking quotes on his Instagram: samqurashi

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