Dineline, Sharing Their Hidden Method Behind Predictable Restaurant Growth


Every day, restaurant owners are faced with decisions that have a significant influence on their revenue and bottom line. One of the most important questions they can ask themselves is “how can we drive more traffic to our restaurant to increase sales?”. If armed with the right tools and software, any restaurant has the potential to reach their best sales month ever.


The best way to increase restaurant sales is by maximizing your customer’s experience.

Dineline is a growth agency for restaurants that is fast becoming known as every restaurant’s new secret weapon. They help restaurant owners grow their business by 10-20% in 6 months using advanced digital systems, focusing on turning conversations into conversions.



Redefining the meaning of predictable restaurant sales

Dineline helps restaurant owners manage and connect with their customers while automating 1-1 conversations. They leverage omni-channel CRM tools, with some of Dineline’s clients doubling the size of their business within the first year of working together.


By helping restaurant owners turn conversations into conversions, Dineline is redefining what restaurant growth looks like.


Brett Linkletter, CEO and co-founder of Dineline shares, “We saw that businesses in the restaurant niche were the most behind when it came to marketing and needed the most help. Once we niched, we grew very quickly and kept innovating our product. Now we operate our entire service on our very own proprietary software solution.”



Dineline has helped 1,000+ restaurant concepts exceed their best sales months ever

To date Dineline has helped over 1,000 restaurant concepts exceed their best sales months ever. They started developing their own software because their initial product offering became commoditized and other competitors were stealing their business for lower rates. Their old service model also was becoming less effective. “We’ve helped 1,000+ restaurant concepts exceed their best sales months ever by redefining how owners approach growing their business.” shares Linkletter.

The only agency and software hybrid company servicing the restaurant industry

Dineline offers a guarantee of success, an experienced track record, and are the only agency and software hybrid company who are servicing this restaurant industry.


A few ways Dineline helps their clients achieve restaurant growth are below:


  • Capture leads and easily convert them into repeat customers with mass personalization
  • Automate customer service and save time when communicating with potential customers (never missing a call in-store or message online)
  • Exceeding guest expectations before they arrive by being active, aware, and hospitable 24/7 from anywhere



“Now, we have virtually 0 competitors doing what we do, our operations are smoother than ever, and our clients are happy as ever.” says Linkletter. He emphasises the fact that Dineline is a system built for restaurant growth, not a marketing plan, stating “this isn’t a marketing plan, it’s a system built for restaurant growth and it has worked in all sorts of demographics. If there is a potential customer base in your area, this program will get them in the door, keep them coming back, and show that it’s working.”

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