World Class Speaker Peter Sage Sheds Light on how to set ‘Magical’ Goals


Over 3000 years ago, King Solomon rightfully said “Where there is no vision, people perish”.


Goals are known to be the weighing scale of success. But according to the mentor and author Peter Sage, most people are not only setting goals the wrong way but also for the wrong reasons.


As a world-renowned speaker and an established authority on all things related to personal development and success. He says, “We all know that if you don’t write your goals down, you’ll probably end up working for someone who has, however what are the steps needed to make the goals a magical journey rather than a tiring slog?


Peter reveals that the two biggest keys to setting inspiring magical goals are as follows:


Firstly, understand that the real purpose of setting a goal is not to achieve the goal but to see who you need to become in the process of achieving it. He goes on to state that most people value themselves based on getting to the finish line of the marathon and miss the value in who they needed to become in showing up to run it. If they focus on that then if they fail two miles from the finish line they can still celebrate the journey which is also a great accomplishment.


His second key is to always set goals you do not know how to achieve. Most people limit the ability to be inspired by setting goals because they are filtering them through the lens of what they already know how to do. This reduces a goal into a to do list with no passion. He states “magic begins when you realise the ‘how’ is none of your business. That’s because you become passionate enough, the how always presents itself and it’s hard to be passionate about what you think you can already do.”


Apart from sharing his insights on personal development, Peter Sage is also a best-selling author of The Inside Track. An award winning book that has received widespread industry acclaim and in which he shares his powerful and battle-tested formula for conquering adversity and becoming your best when life gives you its worst.


You can access more of his wisdom by following his YouTube and Facebook profiles. And if you wish to acquire the best toolset for conquering hardships in life, then make The Inside Track top of your reading list!

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