Gain the Ultimate Confidence in Your Profession with These 3 Tips by Ali Alhashemi


Ali’s humble beginnings to his career as a hairstylist took birth in a small garage. These humble beginnings are what he credits the strength of his personality, his confidence and his self-discipline to. At the age of 14, he was an amateur barber, but he worked hard to get where he is today. In a short period of time, he has become a well-known Instagram figure with a sprawling following. His rising achievements as a philanthropist and celebrity hairstylist have instilled confidence in him to work towards the betterment of his community.

“Self Accountability is key. Pointing fingers gets you nowhere! Eat up every rock that gets thrown your way and you’ll be unstoppable”, states Barber Al. He offers valuable pieces of advice to his supporters and fans on social media, which are not only bought by them but also imbibed and practiced in the most substantial of ways. Ali stresses the importance of holding oneself accountable for his actions. He emphasises one should not point fingers at others and should always be mindful of their actions. He maintains, “Don’t be hurt if people try to hurt you or throw stones at you; instead, face them with complete confidence and witness how success will find you on its own. You will be unstoppable and people will value you if you keep pushing forward and do not respond to the stones hurled at you”. These words of wisdom reflect the spirit of motivation that drives Ali, and which he uses to encourage his fans too.

“Nothing worth having comes easy. Times will get better. Let nothing stop you from achieving your goals. Take that leap of faith and always bet on yourself. Besides, the fun is in the journey, not at the destination.” He advises his followers to always work hard since nothing good comes easy and progress takes time. Nothing, he claims, can stop you from reaching your goals if you work hard enough with firmness and determination. His words have a pacifying as well as an inspiring quality to them. Ali states that faith is the most crucial factor in achieving goals, and to get there, one must always be satisfied with the efforts that he makes towards achieving his dreams.

His Instagram account is a great place to go for motivation, inspiration, insightful thoughts, and thought-provoking pieces of advice. Additionally, Ali presents both sides of his life story, the ups and the downs that he faced as he went along the path leading to his destination. This he does to remind others that life isn’t easy, and that success is just the tip of the iceberg that is visible to all; the struggles that have gone into it remain out of sight. However, for Ali, in order to succeed, one must work hard and remain committed to their objectives no matter what life throws at you. These motivations, coupled with a committed disposition, are what has made Ali the man he is today, and he propagates the same to his fans.

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