Winter trip to Spain, what should you look out for?

How to Pack Smartly for a Long Vacation

What is the Weather Like?

In Spain, winter is one of the warmest and mildest compared to other European countries. Still, the temperature will largely depend on the region that you’re visiting. If you’re staying near the mountains or the sea, you can expect slightly colder weather than in some other parts of the country. 

In fact, you can even go skiing if you find yourself in the mountain region of the country. The northern parts of the country tend to be a bit colder and with more precipitation than the southern parts. 

What to Pack?

Assuming you’re coming during the winter period, you have to pack very light, but clothes that can be worn in layers. You can expect cold nights even if you’re visiting the south. Gloves, a hat, and a scarf are also necessary, especially if you’re staying in the mountain region. 

In addition, good walking shoes can be a game-changer. You also want to make sure that you have your Spanish drivers license permit. In other words, you need an international driving permit to drive through Spain, and you will probably be driving a lot since you’re coming during the winter. 

Cultural and History Events

If you’re into trips and excursions to historic sites, then Spain could be an ideal place for you to visit during winter. This is the perfect time of the year to visit Prado gallery, which is the largest museum in the world. There are interesting museums and historic places all over the country; in Santiago de Compostela, Girona, Seville, and many others. 

It is recommended to visit Cuenca to see its famous hanging houses, but also Segovia and how it works as a city-museum. Many filmmakers like coming to Caceres to film its amazing cathedrals, palaces, and quarters. 

Don’t miss the Thermal Spa

You would be surprised to hear that Spain actually has quite a few thermal spa spots. This is not very common for a Mediterranean country, but you can find amazing places where you can enjoy yourself during the winter. They are found almost everywhere: along the coast, in forests, and in the mountains. 

Whether you opt for one of the hot springs in a luxury hotel, health resort, or in the pure wilderness, you can be sure that you’re up to a great experience. More than a hundred hotels in Andalusia and Catalonia offer thermal spas, balneo, or thalasso. 

Escape the Winter

If you would, however, want to actually escape the winter, you can do so in Spain. Canary Islands are a great example, where temperatures rarely fall below 77 degrees F throughout the whole year. The water is relatively warm too, and you will be able to interact with plenty of tourists. 

Other places worth visiting if your goal is to escape the winter are Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, and the island of Palma. The last one mentioned tends to stay very warm during every single winter day in the country, it has an amazing landscape, sand dunes, and mountain volcanoes. 

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