How to Find Your Passion — And Why It’s So Important in Business By Cory Williams, Entrepreneur and CEO Epic Health Partners


When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that’s when passion is born.” — Zig Ziglar

Are you struggling to find your passion? Passion is an essential component of a full, happy, and successful life. It benefits your business in a myriad of ways — and it benefits you because following your passion makes you feel fulfilled in a way that nothing else can.

What Is Passion?

Passion is the spark that drives you forward. You might be an athlete working hard toward a winning game. Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur with a business idea rooted in your passion. Whatever the case may be, passion is that little voice that reminds you to keep pushing because you care about what you’re doing.

If you’re excited about the work you get up and do every day, you have passion. If you feel unmotivated, you may still be searching for your spark. It’s important to find your passion to help your business, or whatever it is you do, keep driving forward.

Why Find Your Passion?

Passion will translate to a successful business in several ways. When you have a well-thought-out product, a strong business model, and you’re passionate about what you do, it shows — and when your passion shows, investors will sit up and take notice.


Another way passion propels your business forward is because passion conquers fear. Entrepreneurs are no stranger to fear of failure. Passion, however, overcomes this fear and drives you to succeed. It gives you roots and belief, pushing you to persevere no matter what.

Passion helps you do business with integrity. When you’re passionate, you aren’t pursuing a client’s business just because of profit. You’re being genuine and sincere, and this will show. Finally, passion ensures long-term success because you believe in your unique solutions to your customers’ problems. You care about helping them — and this will bring people back to you again and again.

How to Find Your Passion

If you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing, take a step back and evaluate. What are the things in life that get you the most excited? What makes your eyes light up when you think about it? If you don’t know, ask a friend or family member. An outside assessment is often helpful.

You might want to turn your passion into a profitable business. If you’re passionate about animals, you could open a pet store, create courses that teach people how to train their dogs, or provide services grooming animals.

In other cases, your passion might be more of an underlying force. For example, maybe you get excited about digital marketing. You can staple that passion onto practically any type of business out there. You’re still using your passion to drive your business forward, even if what you’re passionate about isn’t part of the business name.

Don’t be afraid to try out different industries and business models. Get your feet wet wherever you can. The more experiences you have, the more accurately you’ll be able to hone in on what you truly want to do — what it is that you’re most passionate about. And when you finally lock in on your passion, you’ll wonder why you ever considered doing anything else.

About Cory Williams

Cory Williams is an Entrepreneur, CEO, and Founder of Epic Health Partners, Epic Health, Epic Management Group, C&E Holdings, and a board member of the Raleigh, NC-based Tammy Lynn Center. Cory is a dedicated mental health awareness advocate and mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs. For more information on Cory, visit




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