Duluth – 30 Overdoses So Far in 2021 – Fake Percocet


DULUTH – NEWS – So far this year there have been 30 fatal overdoses within the City of Duluth. Two of those fatal overdoses were from the use of counterfeit Percocet 30s. The counterfeit Percocet pills contain fentanyl which is much more powerful and deadly than actual Percocet pills and is difficult to tell the real from fake.

“Counterfeit pills such as Percocet 30s are a deadly drug that we’re seeing more in the Northland,” said Lieutenant Jeff Kazel. “We want to remind the community that prescription pills should only be obtained by prescription through a licensed provider. Pills purchased outside of a legal prescription might look to be legitimate but are often counterfeit and fatal.”

We have an innovative initiative here at DPD that helps get individuals struggling with substance use the help they need. The program, called the Substance Use Response Team (SURT), bridges barriers and provides resources to those who are struggling with Substance Use Disorder.
In the most recent quarter, SURT had a total of 88 active clients, provided 30 comprehensive assessments, and helped 41 individuals access some form of recovery support services.

If you or a loved one is struggling with Substance Use Disorder, you’re encouraged to reach out to the Duluth Police Department’s Substance Use Response Team (SURT).

To reach a Peer Recovery Specialist from SURT, call the hotline at (218)-730-4009.