How adding a personal touch to your practice builds patient relationships, per Dr. Scott Blyer


No matter how advanced medical technology becomes, as a patient, the person with whom you are trusting your life, is your doctor. The more open and honest doctors can be with their patients, the more likely they are to have a busy and well-regarded practice. Leading New York-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Scott Blyer understands the importance of doctor transparency from his own experience of building strong and trusted relationships with his clients. Here, Dr. Scott Blyer opens up about why he believes all medical practitioners should add the personal touch to their practices and procedures.

Known as Drbfixin on Instagram, Dr. Scott Blyer has changed the game regarding doctor approachability and transparency. Using social media as a tool for connecting with patients and sharing every aspect of the procedures he performs, he has earned a level of fame and devotion usually reserved for viral stars. Dr. Scott Blyer shares that earning and maintaining his patient’s trust has always been his goal and that using the personal touch is what helps him achieve it. He shares that every one of his patients has his cellphone number and can reach out to him for any information or assurance that they need. According to Dr. Scott Blyer, the internet age offers medical practitioners a level of personal connection and engagement with their patients that was never previously possible. He advises leaning into the power of social media to engage with patients and share your personality as a doctor as well as the inner-working of your procedures.

Dr. Scott Blyer has been credited with bringing a new level of transparency and trust to cosmetic surgery through his use of Snapchat to live share surgeries. He explains that adding the personal touch to interactions with patients helps to de-mystify procedures and lets patients know exactly who they are trusting with their care. Dr. Scott Blyer has been operating out of the CAMEO Surgery Center in Islandia, New York, since 2007. In February 2021, he released a book that is considered to be the definitive guide to the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, entitled, The BBL Bible: How to get a butt to die for without dying for it.

No matter how cutting edge and technologically advanced your procedures are, Dr. Scott Blyer believes that every medical practitioner should practice the personal touch.

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