Arjun Dhingra Sheds Light on All That He Brings to the Real Estate Community

Arjun Dhingra
Arjun Dhingra

In today’s highly competitive commercial industry, businesses require great help to stay afloat, gain popularity, be noticed, and be successful. There is an ocean of contenders fully armed with tools and resources ready to take over their respective fields. With this reality, it has become necessary to bring something extraordinary to the table. Something that sets you apart from the other businesses and makes you worth the choice or effort, is what makes you successful in the competition.

Arjun Dhingra, a leading entrepreneur, coach, and mortgage advisor has strategically been successful in creating his entity in the world of real estate and mortgage. Where there are hundreds and thousands of licensed mortgage lenders on the West Coast, Arjun has managed to create his name and built bonds of trust and value with his clients and partners.

Just like any successful business, Arjun makes sure to bring an experience for his clients that is worth it. “I am acutely focussed providing as much value as possible to each client and in each relationship so that I build a loyal following.  So in a word, its VALUE that separates me from others in the industry”

Arjun stresses heavily on making sure that everything he puts out to the lending community and clients is “Value” driven. “I focus on bringing insights and information from outside spheres that might help you improve your business, create your brand (and not your brokerage’s), think differently, and ultimately be better”

He further sheds light on what he brings to the real estate community and says, “The real estate community is fed often or too often, sound bites or pieces of information that are just specific to the industry or specific to a transaction. Sure, I mean there are a lot of people in my space that I could just sling out information about loan products, interest rates, and financing and that’s it but I feel that I’m much more than that I know that I am much more than that. I’m also a coach, I’m a father, I am a devoted martial artist who is still a student after 33 years, and you know still wanting to learn and grow. So these things and these experiences and these circles that I come from if I’m able to pull from them and add value in a different way that makes people think differently, influence them, helps them grow as a professional which could then maybe come back to their work-life then great. But it  doesn’t always have to just be about numbers”

Arjun’s approach truly sets him apart and justifies his success as a consultant and coach. For more information visit his website.

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