The WaykiChain WICC Community Rescues Afghan Citizens from a Desperate Situation


    In a rented house in Hannover, Germany, Hamid Obaidi finally got rid of the ups and downs of the past months, and gradually began a new life. But just a few weeks ago, he was still in deep fear of fleeing Afghanistan…

    Hamid Obaidi, before the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan, had been serving as the spokesperson of the Ministry of Higher Education in the country. He had a decent social status, a happy family and a promising future. However, the fall of Kabul completely changed all of this.

    Life and death, in a crisis of arrest.

    Time back to August 15, 2021.

    On this day, as usual, Hamid Obaidi arrived at the office of the “Ministry of Higher Education” in Kabul (capital of Afghanistan) at about 8:30; am. As he was still thinking about the planning of the annual education budget at the ministerial meeting yesterday, Hamid Obaidi did not notice any abnormality in the office.

    It wasn’t until the secretary hurriedly ran over and said: Now the ministry is empty, so everyone rushed to flee Kabul. After a while, Hamid Obaidi went from the initial doubts and shocks and reacted quickly. After backing up and destroying the computer data, he left the office.

    Although he had anticipated the situation in the early days, Hamid clearly underestimated the severity of the situation. He dialed the phone of a friend in the Information Office and got the latest news that the Taliban were arresting those who served the former government, regardless of rank.

    For the next 8 days, Hamid hid and followed the current situation closely. Some reports about the arrest of former government officials did appear in the news, which deepened Hamid’s worries.

    It was not until the USA government issued a notice that it would add a special flight to rescue those stranded for the USA, Germany and other international organizations that Hamid saw a glimmer of life.

    Moreover, at that time the airport had already gathered a large number of people who planned to flee, and it was still unknown whether they could board the flight, so what should we do?

    Survival from a desperate situation, the WICC community rescues transnationally

    In fact, sometimes, the reason why life’s chances are wonderful is that he has never been a one-dimensional person.

    In addition to being a spokesperson for the Ministry of Higher Education, Hamid is also a professor at Kabul University. One of his students, Rahimi, happens to be a member of the WaykiChain WICC community.

    After learning about Mr. Hamid’s situation at this time, waykichain took the initiative to contact him and in the next two months, through the power of the WICC community, initiated an internal rescue plan for his future. Not only provided Hamid with the necessary rescue resources such as a, basic living needs, etc. but also provided help for the reunion of the Hamid family.

    After all, the community is strong and has the strength to deal with this situation. With careful planning within the WICC community, the rescue plan was successfully implemented.

    In early October when everything was ready, Hamid went to Uzbekistan in batches with his family through the disguise. So Hamid stayed in Uzbekistan for two more weeks.?????

    Since Hamid has taught at a Dw academy for two years, it is possible for him to settle down in Germany.

    To this end, during this period, the hamid and WICC community mobilized community members from Uzbekistan and Germany to contact and communicate with each other, and went to the German embassy, ​​immigration authority and other relevant institutions and departments to win the opportunity for Hamid to go to Germany. After two weeks of intensive work, a visa confirmation letter from the German Embassy appeared in Hamid’s e-mail.

    This is the story of a person who once contributed to the education of Afghanistan, through the rescue of the cryptocurrency WICC community, after several twists and turns, and finally escaped from the Taliban Afghanistan.

    Of course, in order to protect the safety of the parties involved, we cannot disclose all the details.

    Although he gave up the career field considered as a lifelong pursuit, lost all the fixed assets, and lost everything familiar to his hometown. But with the help of WICC community volunteers and good friends, Hamid moved to Germany smoothly, and it was not easy to get it. His new life is also a great fortune in misfortune. According to Hamid, next, he will sign up for a German course plan, and in the future will continue to pursue a doctorate in Germany.

    “I have lost a lot. Because of this, I will work harder to earn a better future, because this is my new life.” An inspiring life will encourage everyone who works hard to live. At the same time, we are also moved by the efforts of the enthusiastic volunteers of the WICC international community!


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