Local Leaders: The Best Up-and-Coming Podcast for Restaurant Owners with Jeff Z. Johnson from Saleshead Services


Jeff Z. Johnson’s new Podcast is teaching restaurant owners how to leverage strategic and creative strategies to improve their processes and get more 5-star reviews.v

The Local Leaders Podcast by Jeff Z. Johnson is shortening the learning curve for restaurant owners and operators through educational and insightful articles and interviews.

With 20 years of experience as a consultant, entrepreneur, and service provider, Jeff knows how to market in the modern age, improve processes, and maximize growth. He understands the pain points of developing a restaurant and business.

After accumulating a large customer base, Jeff decided to utilize his resources, relationships, and experience to help small to mid-sized businesses grow.

The Local Leaders Podcast is his library of educational resources made available to business and restaurant owners.

A Podcast Built on the Wisdom of Industry Experts

Jeff determined the best way to help restaurant and business owners and operators was to hear it directly from successful counterparts in their industry.

Through these interviews, the Local Leaders Podcast provides actionable and accessible information on a variety of topics.

The restaurant industry faces a plethora of challenges. A key foundation of the Local Leaders Podcast is to address these diverse challenges and offer solutions.

Through this podcast series, restaurant and business owners receive direct advice from counterparts who have overcome the same challenges stymying their own growth.

Each guest speaker provides their own unique formula for success. This means listeners benefit from a variety of proven creative and strategic solutions.

Local Leaders as a Platform for Growth

When Jeff created the Local Leaders Podcast, he determined its mission: to educate and inspire restaurant and business owners and operators. The goal being to provide valuable, actionable solutions to problems and maximize growth.

The Local Leaders Podcast serves a dual purpose, however.

Jeff is not only providing real advice and solutions, he is also providing a platform for his guests to gain valuable press and PR recognition for all the hard work they have put into their restaurant and business.

Listeners gain insight, and guest speakers gain a platform to share their stories. Jeff and his Saleshead Services team are always looking for motivated restaurant and business owners who want to share their stories, ideas, challenges and solutions.

The Local Leaders Podcast is free marketing and provides actionable solutions in an industry that faces unique challenges.

Another key benefit of the Local Leaders Podcast is accessibility. Unlike other podcasts which may exist on a single or paid platform, Jeff’s series is available on many.

The Local Leaders Podcast can be accessed through Youtube, Apple, Google, Anchor Podcasts, Spotify, RadioPublic, and Pocket Casts.

Jeff did not create Local Leaders to lure struggling restaurant owners into paying for a specific subscription. The insight of his guests is for every listener.

This guest-speaker approach also ensures restaurant and business owner listeners hear valuable information. As a platform for their own brand or business, these speakers are incentivized to provide truly informative solutions.

Anything less, and they are only putting up a wall between them and their customers and counterparts.

The result of Jeff’s process is actionable and direct advice that restaurant and business owners can utilize to maximize their growth.

Offering educational advice and creative and strategic solutions, Jeff and the Local Leaders Podcast is the free and accessible mentorship platform for any restaurant or business struggling to overcome obstacles and impact their top and bottom lines.

If you would like to start learning from the many guests Jeff has interviewed, you can find his Podcast here on the Podcast’s website or on these common platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Youtube, Google Podcasts.

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