Favel Transportation’s customer centric approach to business 


The world we live in is connected like it’s never been before. The advances in technology over the last few decades have moved at lightning speed, affecting lives all over the globe.

According to Canadian entrepreneur, Kyle Favel, the world of business has not been immune to this. 

He says, “there’s been a rapid change in customer expectations when it comes to the ways in which they choose to interact with businesses.” 

Kyle Favel contends that today’s customer is aware of the market, and this has raised the stakes for businesses everywhere to provide their clients with a unique experience to stay competitive. 

“Our customers deserve to be treated as persons, not just another variable in the business process,” he adds.

Kyle Favel is the owner of Favel Transportation, a Canada based transportation company that, with its large fleet of trucks and trailers, provides bulk hauling services for commodities, livestock or freight to individuals and businesses alike. 

He believes that much like historical communities that were based on like-minded people with similar values and shared spaces, brand communities are something entrepreneurs should be conscious of. 

“Customers, along with fellow backers of specific brands are creating networks, both online and offline. Some might suggest that they’re even creating the brands themselves. This marks a golden opportunity for businesses to connect with their clients,” says Kyle Favel. 

Favel transportation has a sizable presence in Canada and the United States in the agricultural transport industry and Kyle Favel intends to build upon the solid foundation he and his team has laid. 

Favel is aware that the platforms for brand communities do not have to be online, and pre-existing communities can be expanded. 

“Long-term community-building requires care and consistency. For Favel Transportation, it is about building strong relationships within our team as well as without,” he informs. 

 The transport mogul is proud that a sizable portion of the business is generated by advocates within the community – employees, customers and suppliers that vouch for Favel Transportation. 

He thinks that this is because of his team’s focus on providing as much value to their customers, going above and beyond to make sure their needs are met. 

“If our customers have extra loads, we do our best to take them on,” says Favel. 

He adds, “when possible, we provide capacity solutions over and above the thirty trucks that we currently own and operate by sourcing additional trucks for our customers.”

For Favel, making sure that his customer’s shipping goals are met has been the priority. 

Authenticity is key to Favel. He is of the opinion that the human needs of his customers trump even logistical concerns. 

“We work one-on-one with our clients and do our best to accommodate their unique situations.”

“Favel Transportation has reached its current position due to the backing of strong communities that are willing to advocate on our behalf,” says Favel. 

Find us on: https://favel.ca

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