Cancun Tourism Increases Past Pre-Pandemic Levels, Couples Look for Romantic Getaway in Mexico

Cancun Tourism

Cancun is seeing a surge in travelers compared to pre-pandemic levels, despite worldwide lockdowns and restrictions. The increase is widely attributed to the beauty of the natural landscapes in the area, as well as the wide selection of activities for couples looking to escape for a romantic getaway. 

Cancun Tourism Increases as Countries Reopen

Many countries enacted harsh lockdown measures, including mandatory quarantine and strict face mask guidelines. However, Mexico never implemented a travel ban for fear of disrupting the country’s tourism industry. 

Quintana Roo, which hosts some of the more popular tourist destinations in Mexico such as Cancun, Tulum, and Playa del Carmen, depends largely on tourism dollars. Particularly, tourism accounts for 87% of the state’s economic activity which is spread across tours, hotels & resorts, restaurants, and other attractions. 

The Airports of the Southeast group said that Cancun received 1.66 million passengers in September, a 4.4% increase from 2019. Additionally, the number is significantly higher than the 854,000 passengers arriving in the airport during September 2020, while vaccines were still not available in the U.S. 

Tourism levels are currently expected to match and exceed 2019 pre-pandemic levels, spelling good fortune for the coastal city. 

Notably, the resort island Cozumel welcomed its first passenger cruise ship since the pandemic began in 2020. And while Covid-19 cases were up during the spring of this year due to spring break and Easter holiday travels, cases are lower now and restrictions are easing. 

Increase in popularity is widely attributed to the relaxed regulations regarding Covid-19. Visitors typically ditch the masks once they leave the airport, and many restaurants and hotels don’t currently require guests to wear masks

A Magical Couples Getaway in Cancun

A lot of the magic of Cancun is in the landscape itself- the crystal blue waters, the white sand beach, the gentle swaying palm fronds casting shade on a cool cocktail. But couples looking for a romantic getaway in this popular beach city have many options for activities and accommodation which can really make the Carribean coast come alive. 

From romantic dinner cruises, to couples spas, and adventurous trips to cultural ruins or national parks, Cancun has it all. For example, the eco-park Xel-Ha owned by Grupo Xcaret (who also have many eco attractions such as Xoximilco, Xcaret, and Xavage) is said to contain the largest and most beautiful natural aquarium in the world. 

Couples can swim through deep water wells while learning about the local marine and plant life, or jump off a cliff into clear turquoise waters. The park also offers many areas to rest and relax after a long day of activities, such as on a seaside hammock, or relaxing on the soft beach sands under an umbrella. 

Isla Mujeres is another romantic attraction which takes couples away from the traffic of the city to a more serene island surrounded by incredible beaches and resorts. A 15-minute ferry ride transports visitors to a laid-back beach town with traditional Mexican and contemporary architecture. 

In fact, the perfect idea for a romantic escape to make a proposal or just an incredible memory would be Moana’s sunset cruise cancun, a  private catamaran service. This tour service offers the privacy of a luxury cruise for two, with fine-dining and craft drinks, as well as spectacular views of the surrounding islands. 

Of course, some couples may want to skip on the outdoor activities and stay in instead. Cancun offers many world-class spas with full body massages to relax and rejuvenate, such as the 12,500-square-foot Secrets The Vine Spa. This Mayan-themed spa offers modern spa services, as well as traditional therapeutic ceremonies such as the traditional temazcal, or sweat lodge. Other services such as hydrotherapy are accompanied by a five-star luxury treatment with complimentary robes and slippers, as well as an ambience that will relax any tensions. 

There is something for all couples in Cancun, but one thing that never fails is a romantic sunset walk on the beach with just the two of you.

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