Antler Chandelier Adds Spectacular Highlight To Home Decor


In any interior decoration an antler chandelier can add a uniqueness to the decor. It is no longer only reserved for hunting enthusiasts and log homes. Today when the owners want to create a focal point in their homes that looks stunning or are looking to create a theme area they use the antler chandelier for the purpose.

There are many creative and unique designs available in the market of the same. One can easily spot the rustic antler chandeliers in many interior styles whether it is traditional rustic country house or modern style. They lend a warm, rustic charm to the interior design. The size and shape of the design purely depends on the age of the deer, elk or other species.

The pendant lights also blend minimalist lines with the natural texture of rustic chandeliers. Some modern pendant lights are assembled by hand giving a unique feel to the lighting as no two will be exactly alike in color, pattern, or shape.

It is difficult to get real antlers in quantity as the real antlers by the deer are only shared once a year. But you need not depend on it and rather purchase a modern deer antler made of faux material like metal and plastic which is available in different colors and looks really trendy.

The natural color and shape given to the faux chandelier makes it look like a work of art. It has a rustic yet sophisticated look. The rustic antler chandeliers are great for big gathering spaces, entry halls, dining rooms or even bedrooms. To choose the right chandelier you need to first consider the size of the room and the place where the chandelier will be hung.

It shouldn’t feel that an enormous pile of antlers has just been hung from the ceiling as it will create the opposite effect than the one desired. You can maybe combine them with circle pendant lights to add the charm. Remember an antler chandelier whether genuine or faux is an eye catcher thus you need to take into account all details to make sure it uplifts your room rather creating a ruckus.

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