Canada Post Issues Red Alert for Northern Ontario Mail Delivery

Canada Post is upping the price of stamps, reducing door-to-door mail delivery and changing operations.

Thunder Bay – NEWS – Remember when the motto was, “Neither rain nor snow…”

Red alert: Communities and regions not receiving mail and parcels today.

Date posted: November 12, 2021

“The safety of our employees is our number one priority. A red service alert means that we are suspending delivery for the day and not sending our delivery agents out, as weather conditions have made it unsafe. Delivery will resume once it is deemed safe to do so”.

Canada Post states: The following region will not have deliveries today: Northern Ontario

An alert can be issued for a particular community or an entire province, depending on the weather event.

Canada Post advises, “We encourage customers to clear the snow and ice from their walkways, stairs, and driveways, to ensure safe access to the front door for both their visitors, as well as their mail carriers, when service resumes.”