The Master of Effective Video Production With Richard Ellis of Ellis Films

Richard Ellis
Richard Ellis

Richard Ellis has mastered the art of adapting his video production process to fit the formula of his clients. 

Richard goes into every project with the top priority of creating effective cinematic content that suits client needs and grows their brand. 

Other video production companies will take an idea and fit it into their style; That is easy. Ellis Films does the opposite. 

Combining Ellis Films Creativity with Client Style and Goals 

When a client reaches out to Ellis Films, Richard begins researching the client’s company to understand their style and tone. Whatever it is that makes the client unique, Richard considers it his responsibility as a videographer to make it the star of the show. 

Whether it be e-commerce companies wanting to make their products sound catchy, retailers trying to expand their reach, or service companies wanting to communicate their expertise, Richard and the Ellis Films team produce it through entertaining and effective cinematography. 

After his research, Richard builds a rapport with the client, beginning with an in-depth discussion of the goals for their project. 

Once those goals are communicated, Richard and his team then set a course to achieve them. 

Because video is one of the most engaging and effective forms of modern media, Richard and his team take deliberate care to make sure the content they produce stands out. 

They do this by combining in-house creativity and their client’s style with a fantastic hook, strategically placed essential content, and a call to action which motivates the audience.

 With Richard and Ellis Films, the client’s content is creative, attractive, and enticing.

Watching a video is easy, but producing a video that captivates the audience is difficult. Richard and Ellis Films have mastered the art of keeping the audience entertained through their compelling creativity. 

Turning Every Project into a Hit 

Humans love stories, but effective storytelling is not an easy thing to accomplish. 

Richard Ellis and Ellis Films have shown they possess all the skills to make a client’s story resonate. This is why clients keep returning. 

Richard knows it takes more than eye-catching scenes to make a video a success. It takes creativity, a clearly communicated purpose, and a great story. 

Before production begins, Richard and his team take the time to develop a story out of the client’s business and goals. They turn a company mission or service into a compelling narrative arc. 

This process begins with a storyboarding discussion with the client. A business owner, manager, founder, or any client knows their business and brand by heart. Richard respects that and incorporates it into the Ellis Films process.

Unlike many production companies which sign the deal and then deliver a product at the end, Richard lets the client have their word. 

Once the storyboarding is agreed upon, Richard and his team incorporate the notes with the client’s style, project purpose, target audience, and goals.

Richard then tackles the videography and cinematography. Any video or cinematic piece must both catch the eye, and communicate the message. If the viewer doesn’t know what action they should take, then the eye-catching scenes mean nothing. 

Every scene and shot in an Ellis Films production has its clients’ story and purpose in mind. They combine creativity with eye-catching content that fits the clients’ brand and meets their goals. 

Richard and Ellis Films are masters at delivering results without sacrificing the unique flair that makes their clients’ brands stand out. 

By combining purpose and creativity, Richard and his team ensure that when the video ends, viewers are left both entertained, and fully aware. This is how they consistently roll out films that bring customers straight to their client’s door.  

Another reason Ellis Films is so successful in continuously producing effective content is because Richard offers a free consultation to gauge whether or not a client is a good fit for his services.

If they do not have their goals or message in order, or they do not have the resources, Richard tells them so. If they are just not ready, he will tell them to come back when they are. But, if their needs do not align with his services, Richard will direct them to one of his many videographer contacts. 

Through a client-centric approach and an unwavering commitment to creativity, Richard and Ellis Films are becoming the blockbuster video production company for any industry or need. 

If you would like to reach out to Richard and schedule a free consultation, or you would like to learn more about Ellis Films services, visit their website here


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