Tracing the origin of wellness brand ‘Vegan Gummies’ and how it came to existence

Vegan Gummies
Vegan Gummies

Vitamins and minerals are essential for the human body to function efficiently. After all, vitamins act as a shield in performing hundreds of roles in the human body. Different vitamins have different results as some help in making the bones and joints stronger, and some heal wounds. In today’s time, vitamins are consumed to keep the immune system of the human body healthy. Among many health and wellness brands, ‘Vegan Gummies’ is one of the best names one can rely on. There are not just one but an array of reasons to consume the products of this brand.

The first and foremost reason is the fact that all the gummies are made organically and are free from gluten, and are cruelty-free. There are different flavoured gummies the brand has to offer, but where did Vegan Gummies originate from? The health brand was founded by Megan Shears and Anthony Agyeman, two entrepreneurs who live a holistic lifestyle by having veganism as a part of their daily routine. The duo pays attention to their health, and they have always believed in consuming nutrition that is made organically and not through artificial ingredients.

On realising that a majority of vitamin tablets and capsules are derived from animals, the founders were determined to create a supplement brand that is healthy and completely vegan. With a motive to not harm anyone, ‘Vegan Gummies’ was born, and the brand has earned great goodwill in the market. Megan Shears quoted, “We want everyone to live their best life. Our brand looks after several health benefits, and the gummies also have good taste buds with different flavour options.”

Apart from this, ‘Vegan Gummies’ are GMO-free and gelatin-free. So far, the brand has got various products including CBD, Biotin, Melatonin and Women’s Multi-Vitamin. Mr. Agyeman further stated that all the products of ‘Vegan Gummies’ are of premium quality and are made in the FDA approved lab. The health brand in the coming time has several other products in the pipeline for women, men and kids.

Keeping their entrepreneurial pursuit aside, Megan Shears and Anthony Agyeman are also working towards animal welfare. Moreover, on various occasions, they have urged the audience to conserve the environment. Through this approach, ‘Vegan Gummies’ is not only working towards preserving the mother earth, but the brand is also voicing the importance of staying healthy without harming other living creatures.

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