Anthony Agyeman and Megan Shears’ perfectly describe on how their company AMZ Handsfree tackles competition

Anthony Agyeman

Online shopping, also known as e-commerce is one of the most popular online activities worldwide. Consumers have lately inclined themselves more towards online shopping compared to offline purchases. Today we tell you about a business service named AMZ Handsfree which has changed the lives of many online sellers. The company was established by Anthony Agyeman and Megan Shears and it has its association with Amazon thus making it a perfect platform for all the Amazon sellers. AMZ Handsfree takes away all the guesswork, handles product research, order fulfilment, customer service and the entire direction of the company.

Agyeman began his journey as an entrepreneur at the age of 16. In 2016, he launched a clothing brand and became a pro in online sales. The company has a wide range of services to offer to the clients including Amazon dropshipping, Amazon Private Label and Amazon Wholesale. Through AMZ Handsfree, many online sellers are earning great revenue on Amazon. Moreover, the concept of high-ticket drop shipping is something in which Anthony holds great expertise in. However, there has been intense competition in the e-commerce market.

Megan was asked how their company tackles with the competition in the market. She said, “We don’t pay attention to the competition but more to the value of the service that we are providing to our clients. Our main purpose is to make the clients happy. We are confident in what we do and what we stand for so we make sure we are always delivering the best results.” Adding to it, Anthony said that when you offer the best services to your clients, you never feel insecure about your contemporaries. Understanding the market demands, AMZ Handsfree helps the sellers in identifying the products which are high in demand.

To get it started, the company helps with the process of helping their client in becoming an Amazon seller. The beginner clients are guided on how to create Amazon Seller account after which the sellers can pick the niche of their products to sell on Amazon. The company has produced many successful entrepreneurs who are Amazon sellers and are generating 8-figure income. When it comes to scaling a business or share the business tips, Anthony Agyeman is the name who knows how to generate revenue through the best online strategies. With a mission to finically free over 100,000 people, Mr Agyeman knows how one can make a full-time income from the e-commerce business.

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