Seth Nizami Is on a Mission to Guide Others to Financial Freedom


Seth Nizami is on a mission to enable more Americans to quit living simply for a paycheck. A successful entrepreneur, perhaps the crown of his business achievements is turning $40 into $1,000,000 in six months by trading cryptocurrency. Simultaneously, he found balance and meaning in life. He is now looking to share his secrets with others – for free.

Before 2020, Seth Nizami lived a highly successful yet unfulfilling life. Although he had built
himself into a premier club promoter and founded an elite marketing agency, he struggled with loneliness and depression. A battle that was amplified by the quarantines of 2020. “I had a lot of unresolved pain from my past, and being alone only made it worse.”

What Nizami came to understand was, he had placed his identity in the wrong things. “I thought that monetary success led to my identity. I had to start asking myself deep questions. What fulfills Seth, what makes Seth a better human being?” These questions led Nizami to start reading and learning more about happiness and fulfillment. Authors like Tim Storey, John Maxwell and others led him to his answer. Focus on being a better person. When he started living this way, his entire life changed. “I started making real connections and finding joy in life. Simultaneously, I found huge success in cryptocurrency.”

To Nizami, it’s no coincidence that he found extreme success in crypto while he was focused on building himself. “God, and the universe, work with you when you work on yourself, I truly believe that.” He believes that he and many others have misplaced their identity in financial success. Once we shift our focus, our whole life will improve, physically, spiritually, and financially. He also believes that if you learn something, you should look to give it back. “I believe there are three major steps in life: learn, earn, and give. I learned cryptocurrency, I earned it, and now I want to give.” During his time of self-development, he studied and mastered the universe of crypto. Now he is teaching his knowledge for free.

In his course, he will teach you how to understand positions, find access to lesser known tokens, and to manage risk. He does not guarantee that you will have the same quick success that he had, but he does believe that crypto and his course is a path for many to take into financial freedom.

If you are interested in connecting with Seth, follow his on Instagram: @SethANi

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