Meet the Face behind “She Be Stephanie,” the Cheerful Fashion Model and Social Media Influencer Stephanie Gonzalez

Stephanie Gonzalez

Stephanie Gonzalez, also known as “She Be Stephanie” on Instagram, is a well-known plus-size fashion model and social media influencer. Her goal is to show the world that beauty exists in all shapes and sizes. Stephanie began spreading this message by emphasizing the importance of accepting yourself as you are and dressing your body beautifully. The plus-size beauty assures her followers that she doesn’t want them to change their style; instead, she makes suggestions to help them better the one they already have; they are free to dress whichever they wish.

Stephanie’s journey as a plus-size woman and model taught her several things about the struggles of plus-size women. She believes that when people see petite models in magazines and think they’re the sole description of beauty, they start aspiring to look like those models. This wrong perception makes people even go for eating disorders in order to achieve an unrealistic objective, endangering their health in the process.

Through her social media influence, Stephanie shares with her audience that they are born to be themselves, not magazine cover models. That person has already been claimed. So one must work on being his genuine self.

Admired for having amazing red hair, Stephanie’s massive fan following has reached 622,000 followers on Instagram. The audience loves her content and modeling because Stephanie portrays her true self through her work. She is confident and self-assured and strives to make her followers feel the same way. That said, Stephanie hopes that you have compassion for those who lack that level of self-assurance. She inspires people just to be themselves but don’t get too cocky or arrogant about it.

Stephanie’s life struggles have turned her into a compassionate and kind soul who can relate to people’s struggles with their body images, appearances, and lack of self-assurance. When she faced such issues, they landed her in the hands of drugs. Therefore, she strives to save people from such emotional traumas, which would lead them to waste their lives.

Stephanie admires those who are comfortable in their own skin and do not want to gain or lose weight, or to those who do not wish to change anything about themselves at all, as they are part of a group that she expects everyone to be a member of.

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