A Glimpse into Andrea Samantha’s Fascinating Journey of Finding Her True Calling

Andrea Samantha
Andrea Samantha

Andrea Samantha is determined to transform the outlook of marketing leaders with a passion that seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. In helping young individuals become top sales performers, she aspires to lead by example and motivate her team of thousands.

Quitting has never stood as an option for Andrea. As a private coach, she aims to instill the same notion among her group of trainees. She believes one should try fixing the problem at hand before deciding to give up. Her accomplishments, so far, are a testament to her consistency and willpower that allowed her to keep pushing forward.

Due to her vast capabilities, her career uptil now hasn’t been defined through a single profession. Andrea initially worked as a hairstylist at an Aveda salon, where she trained new stylists on the floor. She eventually set up her first enterprise as her interest in sales started growing further. “Being a hairstylist, I was commission-based, so I’ve always had to be on my game to grow my clientele and be the base to maintain them. I’m a creative, so I’ve dabbled on Etsy and had my own wedding hair and makeup business before starting MONAT in direct sales.”

As soon as she joined MONAT global, she earned recognition as the top income earner and soon took her passion forward to become a private coach for people striving to make a mark in the sales world. Training her team to become leaders in their own right, Andrea aims to extend values that shaped her mindset and helped her achieve success over the years.

Yet, she encountered a few boulders along her journey. Her rocky marriage stood as an obstacle in her way of accomplishing goals. It held her back to the point where she then decided to prioritize her well-being. Now divorced with two kids, Andrea has undoubtedly come a long way. She sought the help of a few professionals who’ve helped in clearing the path for her. “I have a business coach and therapist who have helped me overcome my traumas to work at my best level. I protect my energy, keep my circle small and I’m very picky about who I surround myself with.”

With a drive and ambition like no other, Andrea isn’t planning to take a backseat anytime soon. She is setting her sights on becoming a public speaker on business and overcoming trauma. Andrea is also looking forward to assisting companies in strengthening their teams to boost revenue and hone a healthy working environment.

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