DJ 5 Starr Kendrick Tilghman: The Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Mentor


Kendrick Tilghman, popularly known as DJ 5 Starr, is not just any disc jockey. He holds a degree in computer and electrical engineering and a master’s in business administration. As an educator he has a keen interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

He is an award-winning entrepreneur and is the owner of 5 Starr Enterprise. His unique brand of edutainment is a combination of disc jockey skills and his passion for STEM education. He conducts edutainment workshops across the country, at various high-profile events. He has presided over six innovative STEM conferences and holds a strong reputation as an advocate of STEM education. The reason behind his staunch support for STEM is his belief in promoting diversity in the workforce and enabling his fellow Americans to gear up and take charge of research and technology for a prosperous future.

Kendrick has also been featured at the National Society of Black Engineers National conferences. His African American lineage compels him to work rigorously and promote the education of STEM, especially amongst his race. He was also part of the Becoming Everything You Are or (BEYA) S.T.E.M. conference.

He was also the keynote speaker for Resources for Family and Youth (M.A.R.F.Y.), Reginald F. Lewis High School, Old Court Middle School, and The Living Classrooms Foundation. His DJ skills were explored when he featured at three Soulful Symphony concerts. He has been the proud winner of Pepsi’s “You be the DJ” contest, Baltimore Crown DJ of the Year, and the Living Classrooms Foundation Rising Stars. His accolades and accomplishments are never-ending and justify the ocean of talent he possesses as a DJ and entrepreneur .

To appreciate his tremendous efforts for the promotion of STEM, he has been endowed with the  Ray of Hope S.T.E.M. award from Black Professional Men (BPM) and the Communication & Leadership Award from Toastmasters International.

His company, 5 Starr Enterprise, works around community outreach and community engagement to foster more clients for educational services. He has initiated Media Masters For You, which provides IT solutions and video mixing to educate.

Community engagement comprises his professional DJing services for entertainment and marketing at events like weddings, corporate affairs, health fairs, fundraisers, family events, educational seminars and so much more. The company provides a range of virtual and in-person services that can be viewed on the website here.


Kendrick Tilghman, DJ 5 Starr, is truly a star at what he does and mentors hundreds of people on entrepreneurship, social justice, and STEM education. His efforts have been an instrumental tool in the promotion of edutainment as a better alternative to traditional concepts of learning.

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