From Burnt Out Employee to Co-Founder of Garage Door Films: The Story of Andrew Boomer

Andrew Boomer
Andrew Boomer

Andrew Boomer’s path to success proves the best work is done when you love what you do – and success is not dependent on the path you take to get there. 

Since he was young, storytelling, videography, and filmmaking were Andrew’s passions. When he graduated from high school, he went to Azusa Pacific University to study Cinematic Arts to continue his education in what he knew would be his career. 

While at APU, Andrew did not just study for classes and turn in projects, he also took the first step in what would become Garage Door Films; Andrew began his own freelance video and film production, capturing and cinematizing graduations, weddings, and other small events. 

After graduating with a Bachelor in Cinematic Arts, Andrew got married. He knew he needed to provide for his wife and future family, so instead of proceeding with the uncertainty and risky career of film, he accepted a secure position at an insurance company. 

Just like many other freelancers dreaming to build a business around their passion, the  corporate lifestyle soon took its toll on Andrew. The company did not care about his well being, he was unhappy sitting at a desk all day, and the company valued his results more than they valued him. 

After a few years at this position, Andrew talked to his wife, and understanding his unhappiness, supported him in his decision to begin looking for a job in film and videography. 

The job search was unfruitful. Andrew received multiple rejections, and most companies did not respond at all.

Andrew continued to wrestle with these rejections as well as bear the burden of his insurance responsibilities. This is a common story for any person looking to turn their passion into a business which provides for those who rely on them. 

Then he met Eric Parra. 

Setting the Foundations for the Garage Door Films’s First Scene 

In Eric, Andrew found someone who understood his desire to do what he loved. 

Eric had also experienced the same inability to create a career out of his passion. 

Before meeting Andrew and co-founding Garage Door Films, Eric had worked at an accounting office, as a copyright claimer, a guest relations employee for anime conventions, and odd jobs at Disneyland. 

Just like Andrew, he felt uninspired. After a few discussions and strategic meetings, the two came to an agreement. They decided to go all-in on a production company and co-founded Garage Door Films – right out of a garage.

Combining his cinematic arts skills with Eric’s degree in Writing for Screen and Television, Andrew, Eric, and Garage Door Films hit the ground running. 

Andrew and Eric began their collaboration with an overly ambitious independent film: “Kin of Sin”. 

This feature length horror film earned plaudits at the film festivals they entered. 

Soon, Andrew and Eric were contracted by businesses, production studios, and corporations to produce film and other digital content for a variety of needs. Garage Door Films is especially adept at commercials and big video productions. 

Their history of success and people first culture reflects in their amazing work and will bring any product or story to life.

Andrew and Eric’s successful pivot from corporate employee to film production founders proves that this safer choice does not have to be the final choice. Andrew stated: “It may never feel like the right time to pursue your goals. There will always be an excuse holding you back. You must take that leap and create your own future. It does take time, hard work, and dedication, but keep to the grind and find what inspires you, and you will find success.”

Taking its Place in the Filmmaking Scene 

Since founding Garage Door Films, Andrew has continued to pursue his passion for filmmaking. 

He has directed multiple short films including “Law Breakers Dozen” and “Night Swim”. He also won recognition for his role as a sound engineer/foley artist in the award winning film “Mama’s Boy.” 

More recently, Andrew featured as a video director for RHUDE’s Paris Fashion Week. He also led the live-stream video production for the City of Saints Teen Conference, a conference hosted by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. 

Throughout this time, Andrew and Eric continued producing films, video, and other digital content for commercial advertisers, corporations, and large video production studios. 

The first scene is now over, Garage Door Films is no longer the startup. Andrew and Eric have proven success and happiness does not have to come at the expense of family. 

Andrew’s story shows that when you do what you love, you produce high quality results. 

That is what Garage Door Films is doing for its clients. 

If you would like to learn more about Andrew, Eric, or contact Garage Door Films regarding a commercial or production request, you can visit their website here.

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