Firas Kazma: More than an entrepreneur and one of the biggest food bloggers in Middle-East

Image - Grilled Lamb with Salsa - Foodland Ontario
Image - Grilled Lamb with Salsa - Foodland Ontario

The word ‘struggling’ comes to mind as quickly as one can think about starting something independently. Throughout history, people have associated the terminologies- struggling and entrepreneurship together. If one dreams of creating something of their own, they certainly need to work for it. Be it now or years later, success prevails, entitling them as successful entrepreneurs. Firas Kazma is one such entrepreneur and food blogger who believes in giving back to the world with his products and services.

Many people want to follow their passion but very few have the heart and dedication to do justice to it. We have heard many stories of people who left their jobs to follow their true heart desires but Firas Kazma’s story is a little different.

Firas Kazma is a man with a natural talent for food blogging and magic in his hands. He has a substantial follower of more than 30k on his social media handles like Instagram page where his audience loves his restaurant reviews. His love for food made him one of the top food bloggers and entrepreneurs present in the industry. Despite being a busy CEO, he found time for his passion and did full justice to it.

Unlike so many other creatives, Firas didn’t immediately stopped focusing less on his other businesses. “I had been reviewing restaurants and recipes all over the MENA region and a friend of mine said I should do cooking videos as well,” said Firas.

But after making the plunge, he didn’t have the means to invest in the production values for which his own show ‘Wala Atyab with Firas’ is now very popular in Middle-East.

With his work and corporate life, he is following his passion as well.

Firas believes in drawing a fine line between professional and passion pursuits. He believes that it is important to balance both perfectly.

“It is really important to have financial stability for the long run and I am really glad that I can work on both things simultaneously”, Firas added.

He has travelled to several countries just to try the best and trending dish, and even collaborated with several brands and loves to enjoy the dual role of being a CEO and a food blogger.

Moreover, he is an inspiration for every youngster who has dreams of excelling in multiple fields in his lifetime. He loves both his profession and passion, and can’t even think of leaving any.

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