Reza Bahrami the creator of “Samad”

Reza Bahrami

The novel “Samad the great little Man” was translated into German.

The German version of the Iranian novel ” Samad the great little Man ” written by Reza Bahrami has been translated by Ali Haghighi and  published by the Iran-Germany Cultural and Artistic Institute (Rangin- kaman) in Hamburg. Reza Bahrami, a talented young Iranian who graduated in business management, has a unique ability in various fields of art. He is the author of Business and Success, and has previously published an interesting non-literary book called “Miracle of Movement”.

In the book Samad the great little man, Bahrami has turned to a different style of story. Also, at the same time with the publication of the German version of this book, its audio file has been unveiled by Moj-e-Ketab Digital Publishing Company narrated by Mohsen Zarabadi,   the director of dubbing. Moj-e-Ketab is one of the digital book publishing centers in Iran. The story of “Samad the Great Little Man” is based on a true story and is the result of the author’s personal experience. He was born in 1977 in Tehran. Bahrami’s artistic activities cover a wide range of items ranging from business management to writing, singing and voice acting. He has already released a pop song called “Breathless” which is accessible to all on “Amazon”, “Spotify”, “Apple music” and many more authentic sites worldwide.