Better Music For Your YouTube Videos


If you have a passion to create videos, YouTube is the best platform to publish them. Even the term “YouTuber” is now considered as a word, as it refers to someone producing videos for YouTube. Publishing content on this site could be very easy, but making to get more views and keep viewers watching is a challenge.

No matter how appealing the topic, videos would be lifeless without music. It would not get more views that will surely affect monetization and the channel’s popularity. However, there are some guidelines you have to follow when adding music to your videos. Here are some tips on how you can add music to your YouTube videos to make them more ‘addicting’ to watch.

Take note of your video’s mood.

This is the first on the list because it is one of the most important things to remember when doing YouTube content. Obviously, the music you have to put should match the emotions that you would like your viewers to feel. An inappropriate choice of music may leave your viewers to feel that you are conveying sarcasm – unless you really are.

Choose from a wide range of music.

Songs may instantly express the emotion you would like, but other audio files like sound effects can also do the job. For example (and the most widely used one), rain falling from the roof can make the ambiance sad. Do not be fixed into one option, some remix tunes are not always for dancing. Some of them can emphasize the feeling of persuasion. The advantage of using these tunes is almost all of them are free from copyright protection. 

Beware of copyright issues.

Your content can be very unique, but using music without permission or proper annotation can get your videos deleted. This is why some videos have music descriptions. Without this, the owner/s of the specific song or music that you have used can appeal for a copyright violation with the platform. Apart from having the video deleted, your account can be banned from the platform.

Explore other sources.

YouTube Studio actually offers a wide range of music that you can use for free. The interface is easy to use – as it can be sorted from mood to length of the tune. The only downside of using them is that most YouTubers are already using this music. Try browsing them and for sure, you’ll recognize a sound used by your favorite Youtuber.

Opt for royalty-free tracks.

There are now websites that offer a wide selection of music that you’ll only pay once. These are called royalty-free music, like those offered by MelodyLoops. These sites enable YouTubers to buy a music file suited for their video and use them without paying subsequent royalty fees to the owners of the song. Just be aware that music downloaded from these sites cannot be resold or distributed again.

Try listening to a YouTube video that does not have any music on it. For sure it will be boring to watch, sounding like a government advisory (unless it is). Adding music to your videos is a great way to get more views and earn more with this video-sharing platform.

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