Nhut Cao Shares How Selling Online Can Save You From Race and Color Discrimination

Justin Cao

Discrimination is a disease that is deep rooted in our culture. It has many faces and shapes but one thing is for sure, it can ruin lives and hamper success for many hard working people. Nhut Cao is a Vietnamese immigrant who came to the USA and suffered discrimination first hand in the US. he juggled between jobs while in college, to become financially independent which led him to selling his products online on Amazon FBA.

Nhut Cao attributes his quick success to the internet which he believes is enabling young minds of today to work differently. The traditional ways of business have been shaped with the use of the internet and the new business model provided by Amazon has made selling quite lucrative. The world on the internet is way larger than the world you see in real life. Today, while sitting in one part of the world, you can sell your product to a person living on the other end. And that is not just the only great part of online selling.

The Ecommerce space provided Nhut Cao the security he needed to work as a Vietnamese immigrant. It is true to say that real world is full of discrimination. When you step into it you are judged and analysed according to your race , color, gender and ethnicity. Making people do business with you is hard, because no matter how much the world denies this; discrimnation is a harsh reality of our modern day society. Nhut believes that selling online can save you from all this ruthless mentality. It sure saved him and made him the success he is today. Once you begin working through the internet, nothing else counts but your vision, willingness to work hard and your attitude as a leader.

Today he dreams to expand his Amazon business and also show other struggling youngsters how you can work lucratively on Amazon and Shopify. Nothing matters when you are selling online as everyone is equal online. So whether you are a student, work 9-5, homebound mother or belong to any race, culture and ethnicity; you can run your amazon business right on your couch!

Nhut Cao is running two 6 and 7 figure companies, owns 2 e-commerce companies and many rental properties while leading a large team of 20+ employees. He aspires to help people learn from his Private labelling journey which has helped him achieve his dreams against all odds.

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