Arvin Bastaki (Seyed Mohammad Mohammadnia) talks about the production process of his two albums

Arvin Bastaki

Hormozgan province, (sout Of IRAN) which is the second pole of the Persian music, many cities such as: Bandar Lengeh, Minab, Qeshm, Khamir, Kish, Parsian, Hajiabad, Rudan, and.  .  .  There is, but the word of folk music and the place where it can be heard only Bastaki and Bandari.  The rhythm and structure of Bastaki music because of its multiplication.

It has become a different, unique and distinctive music.

A different and sweet word, a pleasant and expressive and clear song is one of the features of Bastaki music .

“Arvin” was born in 1983 in Tadrooyeh of Godeh block of Bastak city and started his music with “Southern Boys Ensemble” in 2000 by composing a few pieces (sung by Noureddin and arranged by Khalid).  After two years of cooperation with this music group He formed a music group (Arvin Music Group) .. in the summer of 1985 after Obtaining a license, he prepared a music album called “Rasm Asheghi”, in which he composed songs such as:  Majid Zakeri, Ali Ghasemi, Seyed Mansour Govdei, Raheb Aram, Ustad Khorram Moridi and Milad Kamali (as well as some songs by Arvin himself) And had used arrangements such as: Moin Rahbar, Saeed Zamani and Shojaat Shafa’i, it was broadcast  in 1997 by Shabab Al-Wadi Dubai

The new and second album of “Arvin (Seyed Mohammad Mohammadnia “) called” Yadegari “, whose first album is 12 tracks of music, entered the market in Nowruz this year (2010), and most of its songs and compositions are by Arvin himself, and his arrangement is “Saeed Zamani”.  The organizer of Hormozgan province and “Farhad Bahrman” as well as “Ayub Alipour” (who is in unison with Arvin in “Revenge”), have been in charge …

Arvin in the memorabilia album, in addition to 4 songs of his own style called (Jan Delam – Sho Shadi – O Nazi Nazi and Nahidjunam), two different 6.8 works that are rap and new (Elf – Oh, salty Naz) also in  Between his works ……..

I should also add that there is an interesting SLOW work called “Qasam” in this album, which is the piano of Saeed Zamani … It is very happy and it is a different kind of port that you will definitely like.

Meanwhile, there is a pop-pop work called “Aida” with “Sina System” (one of Bastak rappers) in this album, which is completely unheard of …. which is rarely sung on this type of BEAT made by Saeed  Zamani and is completely new.  .  It has become a very different and interesting work.

The kind of music that Arvin works in is ROCK and techno-TRANCE, and the power of sound and music, tone and composition can be clearly seen in some of the songs he sings in Persian, but despite the current atmosphere of the country music  market and the abundance of studios.  And underground singers, Arvin has preferred to promote the folk and local music of his city and return the music of Bastaki, which has been to the port for two decades, to its original place to its original identity, culture and place in the music of  Hormozgan province and the country and even Do not miss the world …

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