Alexander Komaritsyn: On Creating Global Platforms in IT and Hospitality Industries

Alexander Komaritsyn

Possessing considerable experience in event production and management, Alexander Komaritsyn has always been a strong believer of providing innovative digital solutions that cut across various industries.“I always wanted to use my IT expertise to bring simplicity and innovation in hospitality and I am glad we could achieve a useful product with my team together. Having analytical thinking I saw opportunities which can be simplified in the event and hospitality industry, where I spent over 10 years.” Seeing the endless possibilities the virtual world had to offer, Alexander soon came up with his own digital application – connecting people, places and businesses to social experiences. Based out of New York, ImageModel allows fashion brands or production companies to book talents or influencers directly based on their budget, location and other preferences for photoshoots, runway shows, trade shows or store events. In doing so, clients have the opportunity to engage in a seamless and time-saving experience where they can gain exposure, increase their traffic and fulfill their marketing needs. The platform currently operates in over 25 cities globally and is constantly growing.

Alexander’s journey of setting up his application can be stretched back to 2015. He and his partners initially launched the app under the name TopModeal, offering deals and discounts for signed models in New York, Hong Kong, and Paris. Given how the influencer market wasn’t booming at the time, they quickly changed course to an event booking place called ImageModel that promised more visible monetization. Currently the app lays out a range of options that allow models to book paid gigs, network at top venues and participate in all sorts of VIP events.

For Alexander, providing quality customer service has always been his top-most priority, implementing the same principle across his other startup ventures. He hopes that his notable achievements, both in the IT and hospitality industries, could serve as an exemplar for young leaders to learn from. He also has a few goals lined up which he hopes to achieve in the coming years or so. More recently, Alexander came across an incredible business opportunity that is expected to scale up his platform globally. His company “ImageModel ” has identified a gap in the market whereby brands across hospitality, luxury, entertainment, and fortune 500 utilize their services to increase brand awareness, attract more customers, and ultimately drive more revenue to their respective businesses. Thus, he plans to take things forward and lead an expansion strategy that caters to a loyal consumer segment.

We wish Alexander the very best of luck in his future endeavors!

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