7 Reasons why your YouTube Video Views are not Increasing


Youtube is not only one of the best video-sharing platforms but it is a great social media platform as well. Having high views and a good number of subscribers can be beneficial for you. People even tend to take up Youtube as a full-time profession. However, you might be committing some mistakes while on your oath to gain Youtube subscribers. In this article, we have talked about how to buy Youtube views along with other methods to put you back on the track

  1. Unattractive thumbnails and titles

The power that thumbnails have over videos is unimaginable. A good thumbnail can make your video reach billions of views while a poor one will lead to no significant views. When users decide whether to watch your videos or not, they notice the tile and the thumbnail. These act as the cover of your videos. A poor title and thumbnail will fail to attract people to your videos. Unless you are a big YouTuber with a huge audience base, a thumbnail could decide whether a person watches your videos or not. All of your videos should have a thumbnail that arouses curiosity in the viewer and makes them click on the video. 

  1. Poor quality content

YouTube is an amazing site to post your videos and develop a fanbase. There have been many success stories on YouTube and has given rise to some of the top creators. The one thing common in all of their videos is that they have amazing content. People open YouTube to have a good time watching videos. If your content is not good enough they will not watch your videos. Try to do unique videos. If you are not getting views it could have to do with your content. You have to find creative new video ideas to keep your audience entertained. Do not stick to the same type of videos as it can get boring. Try exploring types of videos that you have never done before. The greater the creative flair on your video the better the content gets helping you to gain Youtube subscribers.

  1. Not following a niche

YouTube is a huge social platform. It has millions of viewers who tune into its services from all over the world. Since its inception, YouTube has dominated the video-sharing space. There were a few competitors to it but YouTube is still the ideal choice for the large majority of people. With millions of new videos per day, it is difficult to build a good YouTube channel without a niche. Not following a niche might be the reason you are not gaining viewers. If you post videos about random topics every other day it makes your channel very generic. You become the same as thousands of other channels out there. Find a niche for yourself and focus on videos in that niche. Some of the most popular niches include food, gaming, music, reactions, challenges, and more. With a little research, you can find the niche that is best suited for you. Make videos on a particular niche as this would help gather subscribers who are interested in similar content. 

  1. Poor retention rate

If you see your views not increasing, one important factor could be a poor retention rate. A retention rate determines how many people left your videos midway. If people leave your videos midway it is not healthy for your channel. You the Analytics on YouTube to find out at what portions of the video did your viewers leave. There are essentially two ways to improve the retention rate. One reason for a low retention rate is that your videos are too long. Long videos tend to lose viewers before they end. If you see that your videos are too long try shorter formats. An ideal video would be around 8 minutes long. However, this number varies from niche to niche. The other reason for a poor retention rate is bad content. If you see that your viewers drop at a particular part during your videos, it means that particular segment is not performing well. Try changing or removing it.

  1. Not purchasing views

Purchasing Youtube views is a sure-shot method to give you a boost in viewers. Many trustworthy websites sell viewers. When you buy youtube views, you are giving an instant boost to your content. It is very simple to add views to your videos. Just go to one of the reliable websites and enter your URL. Choose a package and wait for them to deliver those views to your account. These services are safe and affordable. When purchasing a package just ensure that the website you purchase from does not use any bots.

  1. Not optimizing for a target audience

If you do not have a target audience prepared, you have made one of the biggest mistakes. Having a target audience is crucial to growing on any social media platform. Always post content keeping the target audience in mind, try to curate content that will generate interest from them. Post your videos when the majority of your target audience is online. Put hashtags on your videos that are the most engaged by your target audience.

  1. Poor production quality

Poor production of videos is another reason why many videos do not gain views. If your videos are out of focus or blurry they do not have a chance to make it big on youtube. You should aim to post high-definition videos. Instagram supports videos of up to 4k quality. Make sure that the audio has clarity. If the audio is choppy or not synced with the video properly, you will have a poor engagement.


These mistakes are really easy to make. Follow the tips that we have laid down and you should be able to gain views again. Youtube requires commitment and if you are willing to provide that you can build an amazing brand on the platform. Use these techniques to reverse the mistakes that you might have made.


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