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Mark Z is the CEO of Mark Z Real Estate Experts and Z Capital, two international companies that manage millions of properties every day. But before all of that he was just Mark Z, selling candy to his classmates on the school bus at 9 years old. Mark Z knew from a young age that he wanted to be involved in an industry where you set the limits of what you can make so that he could be in control of his own destiny. “Either you’re building your dream or you’re building someone else’s.”

How was he able to do this? By creating a brand which then became a household name. He then spent millions of dollars on mass media through billboards, radio, television, & social media. But this was all possible only by learning to beat his fears. “Fear is a liar and it will kill your dreams if you’re not careful. But if you trick fear, and make the tough decisions anyway, you will win. Fear will paralyze you from greatness… Once you realize it [your business] can be as big as you want it to be, the second biggest challenge is scaling it. What I mean by that is getting the business to run without you so it’s truly a business and not a job.”

Many business owners know that scale is a double-edged sword. The larger your company grows the larger the expenses grow too. “Another challenge is creating enough cash flow that is consistent each month so you have enough working capital to get you through the slower months,” this was a challenge that Mark Z had to overcome by learning how to leverage his income and his time. He quickly realized the importance of working on your business instead of just in it.

Mark Z needed to kick the job mentality, in order to fully live his life. “What inspired me to get into the industry [real estate] was the ability to create my own destiny in life. I wanted to create my own dreams rather than someone else’s.”

And now he does, running one billion dollar company and one million dollar one, Mark Z is able to spend his time how he chooses. Click here to get your home ZOLD with MARK Z Real Estate Experts or if you have an investment property you need managed click here to contact JMZ Management

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