Viasox: Fancy Diabetic Socks For Special Foot Care


Blood is our body’s primary transport system. Each cell in the body receives nutrients and oxygen through blood flow. That is why, with diabetes, all organs, without exception, suffer from elevated blood sugar. Legs are regarded as one of the most vulnerable areas. The disease causes wounds to heal extremely slowly, and infection is common. If left untreated, acute infections can lead to necrosis of leg tissues (gangrene). If you have diabetes, you must take special care of your feet since the effects can be sad and often irreversible. To cope with such diabetes-related complications, many patients are advised to wear special diabetic socks.

When choosing your diabetic socks, pay attention to the thread composition, the quality of materials and other diabetes-friendly properties. Competent brands like Viasox not only offer the finest quality products on the market, but also include colorful, stylish alternatives to meet your urge for self-expression.

Benefits Of Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks have distinct advantages that set them apart from regular socks. There is a particular technology in production that takes into account all of the needs of diabetic patients in order to provide a therapeutic effect and pleasant wear. Diabetic socks are distinguished by the absence of an elastic band, which prevents the product from sliding down, hence promoting adequate blood circulation and even pressure distribution on the foot.

Diabetic socks are always produced from soft fabrics with higher wear resistance and breathability. Natural products are the only ones that can bring relief. Synthetic components diminish therapeutic effects and can cause a variety of adverse reactions.

Highest Quality Materials

Bamboo fiber, which is made from the plant’s stems, is a relatively new fiber. In reality, bamboo thread is not natural, but artificial, as it is produced in a manner similar to viscose. In terms of comfort, bamboo exceeds even natural cotton: it passes air well and absorbs fluids three times better. This is why diabetes patients are advised to wear bamboo diabetic socks, just like the triple padded antimicrobial bamboo soles offered by Viasox, the undisputed leader in the diabetic apparel market.

Viasox: A Company That Cares

Viasox’s founders believe that charity brings people together and contributes to the creation of an inclusive and sustainable society. Viasox donates $1 from every order split between the Joslin Diabetes Center for diabetes Research and the Barton Center for Diabetes to assist children in attending diabetic camps and learn how to live with the illness.

Summing Up

When a person has diabetes, it is critical to pay attention to even the minor aspects of life. The selection of such a simple piece of clothing as socks is critical in the prevention of numerous foot disorders, including diabetic feet. Wearing diabetic socks protects the skin from damage, eliminates bad odors, reduces inflammation and prevents the development of pathogenic microflora.

Contact Viasox and allow them to pamper your feet with the highest quality diabetic socks, compression socks, pain relief creams and orthopedic shoes. Their rich product catalogue is sure to satisfy your unique needs.

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