According To Mike “Tate” Tetreault, Financial Freedom Is Possible With Multiple Income Streams

Mike “Tate” Tetreault

One of life’s #1 stressors is money. Through creating financial freedom, anyone can ease this heavy burden. Discovering the unlimited earning potential offered in real estate, Mike “Tate” Tetreault created multiple revenue streams to bring his vision to reality.

Tate’s real estate team has reached a point of self sufficiency. But he’s only reached this level of trust and success through persistence and hard work. As one of the best negotiators and managers, Tate wants a piece of every deal, so he works hard to turn a “no” into a “yes” whenever he can. “So many people suck up to everyone else and do things ‘by the book.’ I would rather write my own book,” says Mike “Tate” Tetreault.

One of the most important things Tate has learned is how to view failure as a learning lesson instead of loss. It keeps him hungry for opportunity and reminds him to celebrate the small victories. Tate never allows fear to prevent him from living up to his full potential. When he faces an obstacle in life, he deals with it and keeps moving forward. This mindset has helped him endure compounding rejection until he finally got the “yes” that jump started his success.

Overcoming some of life’s toughest obstacles has shown Tate that nothing is impossible. After beating a felony gun charge at age 19, then suffering a severe neck injury at age 22, he made up his mind that nothing would ever hold him back. Anything worth doing takes sacrifice to learn and implement, but in the end, it’s worth it.

Tate’s potential in real estate is based on what he puts into it. With an “anything is possible” attitude, he has proven that there is no limit to what anyone can achieve. “Sounds cliche, but seriously, don’t quit. Persistence pays off, literally,” says Mike “Tate” Tetreault.

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