Top Tips For Group Air Charter In The USA

group air charter
group air charter

Groups of business travelers are turning to private group air charters to get them safely and quickly to their chosen destination.

They have come to realize that rather than face delays or disappointments, a group can charter a private aircraft to take clients, business associates, incentive groups or even an entire workforce to some of the US’s top destinations. 

Wherever your destination – from Aspen’s snowy slopes to the tropical sunshine of Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach – working with a group charter specialist will give you the advantage. You can choose your schedule, your choice of departure airport, your preferred destination, and all with complete peace of mind.

The landscape of travel, especially for groups traveling for business trips, conferences, and industry events has changed somewhat since the onset of the COVID pandemic. However, the question is being asked more than ever before, can we charter a private plane for a group travel experience?

What you need to know about group charter flights

Groups looking to charter flights usually want to avoid the delays, crowds, and inconvenience associated with busy airports. During the pandemic, more and more groups have been turning to charter companies to help ensure that safety is maintained before, during, and after the flight.

Whether the final destination is a sporting event with clients, an industry conference with colleagues, or even a workcation for the executive team, a charter flight service provider can provide an aircraft to match the group size, the destination, and any other unique aspects of the group. These details can include flexible multiple destination schedules, security, airport representation, corporate branding, ground handling, and even catering. Additionally, a charter flight broker can work with your budget while remaining flexible to the group’s unique requirements.

Since mid-2020 the idea of a ‘workcation’ – a mix of doing business and enjoying a vacation at the same time – has grown in popularity. Companies, corporations, educational institutions, and even government departments have been whisking their personnel away to reap the benefits of doing business while enjoying a vacation in total safety. 

Their first port-of-call has been to seek the advice of an air charter broker to help organize flights for the group. Along with arranging every step of the journey, an air charter company can also recommend the most popular destinations for workcations right across the US, the Caribbean, and other near-home destinations.


Where to go in the USA?

Thanks to an increase in vaccination rates, it’s possible once again to find a perfect group travel destination. 

Whether you intend to travel with a large or small group of family members, friends, a sports team, or business associates, booking a private jet charter with an air charter company can open up a multitude of possibilities. A private charter company can offer a full range of aircraft solutions to suit groups from 25 to 500, or even more. From exploring the rugged beauty of the Alaskan wilderness, an autumn trip through the spectacular colors of New England, or an island escape in the Caribbean, your group can charter the exact aircraft to suit your needs. 

The next big question is where to go? 

5 of the top group travel destinations in the USA*

*Note: Before making travel arrangements to any destination, it is advisable to be aware of local COVID-19 rules and regulations, and to check and ascertain if the destination it open to visitors at this time.

Get spiritual in Sedona – Located in the spectacular great outdoors of northern Arizona, Sedona remains a favored destination for artistic, creative, cultural, and spiritual retreats. Many corporations choose the location for team-building exercises in a place where the spiritual world meets the natural world. With iconic landmarks such as Thunder Mountain and Chimney Rock, Sedona and its surrounding areas is blessed with some of the most beautiful landscapes in the USA. This postcard-perfect town attracts groups with an appreciation for the great outdoors. With so much space to explore, Sedona is the perfect location for groups of all sizes.

*Open to visitors with some minor precautions in place.

New heights in Denali National Park – Staying with the theme of natural beauty, home to Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America, Alaska’s Denali National Park is open year round. It is the third-largest national park in the US.  When it comes to destinations for groups, Denali National Park is easily toured by motorcoach, the main way to see the park. A place of towering mountain ranges, unforgettable landscapes, and a huge diversity of wildlife. Being a park of such magnitude, and in such a geographically challenging landscape, access to many remote hideaways is either by private jet, or turbopropadding to the overall experience, and can be organized by a reputable group charter broker. 

*Open to visitors with some minor precautions in place.


Last state, first choice, Hawaii – Right now may not be the best time to visit Hawaii (check local COVID-19 rules and regulations for people intending to visit) but once it’s safe to travel again, the Hawaiian Islands will always be a favorite with groups travelers. The Islands have been compared to a string of emerald jewels afloat in a sapphire sea. It may be a lyrical and artistic image, but there can be no doubt that the islands are renowned for their spectacular beauty and diverse landscapes. The perfect destination for group travel, the Islands are best enjoyed in the outdoors, whether surfing, snorkeling, relaxing on its beaches, scaling its lush volcanic peaks, or delving into a rich cultural heritage, the Islands hold something for everyone. The last of the 50 states is an ideal destination for groups who want to combine all that is best from the State’s hospitality, culture, nature and food. Although a popular tourist destination, there is plenty of open space for everyone to enjoy the serenity and beauty to be found here.

*Open to visitors with some minor precautions in place.

A playground by the sea, Outer Banks, North Carolina – With over 200 miles of islands creating a natural barrier to the North Carolina shoreline, the Outer Banks are a sea-lovers paradise and the perfect location for a group getaway. Coming as a welcome change from crowded cities and the hustle of office life, the area is the perfect antidote to modern living. If life in and on the water is exactly what you’re looking for this marine paradise offers scuba diving and snorkeling on the reefs and alleged pirate shipwrecks and are home to vibrant and colorful sea life. It’s the perfect relaxation destination, with an abundance of golfing, fishing, day spas, great nightlife, and seafood restaurants offering mouth-watering treats such as fresh oysters and calabash-fried fish. The area is also well-known for its charming seashore villages, boardwalks and a long history linked to the nation’s evolution. With many luxurious resorts and high-end hotels, the Outer Banks are a welcome respite for any size business groups, or friends to finally unwind and recharge the batteries.

*Open to visitors with some minor precautions in place.

Welcome to the magic of Orlando – Famous as the home of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando Florida is one of the US’s favorite vacation destinations. To make the experience even more magical, a private jet charter can take the stress out of long airport queues, and offer the safety you need to create your very own magical moments. Universal Studios Orlando’s three awesome theme parks – Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and Universal’s Volcano Bay water park – are sure to please.  Meet your favorite action characters, become part of your favorite movie scenes, take an unforgettable roller coaster ride, or get close to some of the most amazing marine wildlife in water world, you can be guaranteed an exciting visit to Orlando. A wide variety of premier hotels are on-site, and arriving there by private jet can make the magic come to life. 

*Open to visitors with some minor precautions in place.

Make the magic happen with private charter group flights

A private group charter flight can help dreams come true, but, for the best results, you will benefit from the services of a highly experienced private charter company. Wherever your destination, an air charter broker can organize every aspect of your flight, even down to the tiniest detail. You choose the destination, the schedule, the number of people traveling – including your pets – and these experts will ensure that everything is taken care of for your group.  

With years of know-how under their belts, experienced private air charter companies know the nearest airport or landing strip, they know that you value your space, your privacy, and your comfort, and they guarantee to pull out all the stops to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

If a private group air charter is on your radar, be sure to call the experts.

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