How Levon Movessian Found Success in Blockchain Technology

Levon Movessian

Levon Movessian comes from a family of talented, creative people who have helped shape him into the man he is today. He took the chance on an emerging industry, running a blockchain technology and software development business. Having no foothold, he knows what it takes to build a reputation selling a product based on unconventional technology and surrounded by skepticism. Levon finds himself in a unique industry. Rather than being competitive, it is a community of collaborative minds who share a common goal of revolutionizing the global economy.

As immigrant refugees from war torn Lebanon, Levon’s family found a new life in Canada. They understand the struggle of starting from nothing and building a strong work ethic. Levon was introduced to the business world as he learned jewelry sales from his father, then transitioned to an independent venture as a real estate agent. As he grew, he recognized his great potential for personal and financial growth as an entrepreneur. He began to explore his options and became committed to crypto currency investment and blockchain technology.

Being a new concept in the investing world, Levon experienced skepticism from his friends and family as he started his business. This was an important hurdle for him to overcome. To gain confidence in the idea, he adopted a resilient attitude of success. Levon realized he needed a willingness to learn from his failures in order to create a map for success. Conceptualizing his vision was essential, but it wasn’t enough. Flexibility was a key factor in understanding that his path will change—things won’t always continue in the way you initially set out.

Figuring out your “why” and staying true to yourself is crucial when starting a business. For Levon, he sees himself as a philanthropist with a desire to see people find their own financial freedom through advisory and education. Levon also recommends treating each day as if it’s your first day. When you start a job or begin school, you are motivated, organized, and presentable. Always begin with the same mindset. It sets the tone for the rest of your day and your future. Fear is tricky when it comes to running your business. It is only good for detecting real danger, so it cannot be used as a guiding force for decision making. It is good to exercise caution and use critical thinking, but leading with fear is counterproductive.

Levon’s ultimate goal is to find freedom by generating enough wealth to escape the rat race and live outside of the modern labor lifestyle that has taken over society. Levon Movessian provides an array of services from blockchain consulting, jewelry manufacturing, and even supports animal charities. You can follow him on Instagram @levon_mov.

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