What It Takes To Become a Self-Made Success, According to Jon Torres

Jon Torres

There aren’t any golden tickets to success handed to those who make it. Instead, it is a result of their hard work and determination. Most people give up along the way because success is an uphill climb. According to Jon Torres, it also takes a lot of self-discipline to succeed. To become a self-made success, you must be driven to work on your goals.

Jon Torres is a serial entrepreneur with years of experience in the entrepreneurial space. He has founded many successful online businesses and worked across various vertices of the digital space. Torres is now a business and online marketing consultant. Besides the digital marketing space, he has made a name for himself in affiliate marketing. This allowed him to make millions of dollars in passive income by leveraging his marketing and SEO knowledge.

Torres’ success journey has been a winding road, from starting as a waiter in various restaurants to becoming a self-made entrepreneur with many successful businesses. He states that he has experienced setbacks, found himself rerouted due to dead ends, but his passion for success kept him going.

According to Torres, becoming a self-made success takes the following:

• Educate yourself – You don’t know everything there is to know about everything. Therefore, it is important to keep augmenting your knowledge on various things. Torres says that this has allowed him to diversify and find a footing across a variety of industries.

• Prepare for risks – Success and risk go hand in hand; you cannot avoid them. Torres recommends that you challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid to try new things to succeed.

• Structure your time – According to Torres, successful people make the most of their time. Managing your time effectively will help you stay on track to achieve your goals. Even as you schedule your tasks, don’t forget to factor in downtime.

• Build your network – In any business, your network is the key to new opportunities for growth. In addition, you get to learn from your peers and mentors above you. Torres says that surrounding yourself with experts allows you to have a sounding board for your ideas.

The journey to success is one that Jon Torres describes as bumpy but worth every ache when you get to the top. Embark on yours now!

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