How Bobby Trill Leveraged His Passion to Make a Name in an Unorthodox Industry

Bobby Trill
Bobby Trill

As the cannabis market continues to grow exponentially, there is a massive potential for huge profits. Even amidst shifts in political policies, those ready to work hard and abide by the rules have a great chance of succeeding in this industry. We spoke with Bobby Trill, a renowned cannabis entrepreneur, on how his passion for the sector led him to massive success.

Bobby Trill’s business journey began in an unusual fashion. Having emigrated from Armenia to the United States at ten years, Trill’s early life was deeply consumed by drug misuse. He began pursuing his passion after a journey of self-discovery and growth following countless failures. Working in the cannabis sector for nearly a decade in various plant-based and ancillary positions provided him with a solid background on which to build the prospects he identified. Today, he owns a massive cannabis empire centered around Bloom Network, Oni Seed Co, and Trilogy710, among others.

According to Bobby Trill, having a unique idea that answers an unmet need is critical to being a successful business owner in any market. “The road to building a profitable cannabis business is not easy to navigate,” he says. “It’s a risky business with a slew of perplexing laws and regulations, high taxes, a scarcity of capital, slim profit margins, and other additional unforeseen barriers and hoops to clear. However, the catch is in having your finger on the pulse—understanding the industry’s specific issues, as well as the customer, connections, and brands that have been coined within the cannabis community, can eventually lead you to success.”

Bobby trill further adds, “Mentality is crucial when it comes to establishing any business. All the tools in your toolbox are useless unless you have the right mindset.” As per him, success in this line of business necessitates broader networking and the formation of the right alliances in addition to providing the absolute best. “With the stigma and outdated stereotypes associated with the profession, anyone interested in joining must be willing to rise above fear and confront the challenges,” says Trill.

Many voids in the Cannabis market still need to be filled by smart entrepreneurs who are forward-thinking and creative enough to see this as a once-in-a-generation opportunity. “Furthermore, one must withstand the constantly shifting legislation and business considerations to achieve long-term success in this profession,” concludes Bobby Trill.

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