If aligning your energy and creating abundance with a success mindset is what you seek in life? Jennifer West-Granahan’s coaching is all you need.


She is a trend-setter in the real estate education industry with her action-oriented courses that are all about explaining that everything is energy.

Life is a journey, which takes people from one expedition to the other. Along these journeys, what people choose to learn and how they choose to turn their lives around defines them as professionals and individuals. Had Jennifer West-Granahan not taken risks, multi-tasked and learned to hustle her way up to the coaching niche in real estate, she wouldn’t have become the well-known real estate educationist she is today, who excels in teaching the real estate strategy of wholesaling. Jennifer West-Granahan came a long way from starting her journey while in school,  working, and building her business simultaneously to learning to align her energy and gaining the success she sought.

Jennifer West-Granahan is amongst the very few coaches in real estate who has helped people learn how to get started in the industry without millions in their bank accounts. She does this by helping them harness their power within, motivating them to create abundance in all the areas of their lives with the success mindset. Initially, she used to take personal sessions, but now after almost everything has moved digital, she too decided to come up with her digital course with a live element of live weekly Q&A sessions for more accountability and keeping the members on track.

Jennifer West-Granahan realized along her journey, no matter how hard she worked, she could only create abundance and her first multiple 5 figure month when she shifted her energy to abundance. With this, she wants people to understand that hustling is great, but it can block their abundance if the energy is not aligned.

On 22nd September 2021, she will be launching her new inspiring mindset online training program, “The Fast Track to 10k Wholesaling and Mindset Program”, for life-changing training on wholesaling and mindset and to also empower budding investors. She also has a YouTube channel, where she provides real and solid content for people to trust and use based on her experiences.

Jennifer West-Granahan can’t emphasize enough that everything is energy, including money and harnessing one’s power within can truly create abundance for them. Do connect with her through her website, https://www.jenniferwestgranahan.com/ to know more.

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