The Path of Most Resistance; How Real Estate Investor Nick Luevano Teaches Other Millenials to Seize Their Success


Every generation must find their way to success. The systems that worked yesterday are not the same methods that will work today. And those who are the most successful have always seemed to be the ones that can successfully carve their own path through vision and relentless work ethic. You will be hard pressed to find a better example of this than Nick Luevano, who has inspired an entire generation to think differently about their future. We sat down with Nick and asked him a few questions to shed light on his unprecedented success at an early age and how he got started as a real estate investor.


“I began my career in 2013 in the network marketing industry. I am well known for catapulting a Millennial Movement of entrepreneurs, globally challenging the status quo of the typical millennial college student. In the process of building The Millennial Movement, I built an organization of over 5,000 clients within 25 states and over 15 countries worldwide, reached the top 1% within my company, and generated millions in global sales. I would have never imagined catapulting into success like that after graduating from college so early, but my circumstances made it so that I had to work harder than everyone else I knew.”


That incredible success was due to Luevano working relentlessly, as well as keeping himself on a strict personal schedule. We asked him about that schedule. “I’m a workaholic, I love what I do and I have a passion for growth and expansion in all areas. This requires me to be extremely focused, disciplined and resilient. I believe in being sound in all areas – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. So I make sure I have all of those things in check by eating right, going to the gym, letting go of unnecessary or momentary emotions, reading to grow my mind and going to church and having an active prayer life.”


Self-discipline has served Luevano well, as Nick has kept his vision steady. He wants generational wealth, and he wants to teach thousands of other people how to do the same. We asked him how his career has evolved over the years. “Now I’m the owner of a multimillion dollar real estate investment company based in Beverly Hills, CA, with a primary focus of acquiring and depositing residential properties. I’m also the Co- Founder of Millennial Flippers, one of the fastest growing real estate educational platforms that teaches individuals how to leverage their passions in order to create wealth through real estate.”


Luevano understands the importance of mentorship because he had to figure everything out the hard way. Without a mentor, Luevano had to develop his working methods on his own, and strive for success without guidance. But the methods he developed have carried him far. He comments on how he found success and how he hopes to teach others to not make the same mistakes he did. “I ended up at the path of most resistance, I left everything I knew at the time to dive into a world that was so new and unfamiliar to me. I took all of my natural abilities and acquired skills and took a chance at it, worked smart, worked hard, invested in myself and eventually mastered it and now I get to help guide others on their paths through this world. Now I have the time and financial freedom to give back to those less fortunate, spend with my family and friends, and invest into my students to ensure that they have similar success.”


This kind of relentless attitude led Luevano to close over 500+ deals in the last 5 years and mentored hundreds of Millenials into expert real estate investors. He’s also been able to diversify his profits by investing in multiple companies over the years. “I’m a 31-year-old self made multi millionaire. I have a passion for working with different people, businesses and cultures across the world. I believe in using consultation as a tool to create generational wealth and have made it my mission to help others succeed in the same way I have.” Check out Luevano’s next steps on Instagram @Flipking and see where he goes next!

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