How Motivational Speaker Bridger Pennington Uncovers Wall Street’s Secrets for Investment Funds

Bridger Pennington
Bridger Pennington

Bridger Pennington learned the secret of the wealthy and turned it into a future. Once he discovered this secret, he knew he couldn’t keep it to himself. Instead, Bridger shares it as a Motivational Speaker and through his Podcast. His secret? You’ll earn the most from private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, and real estate funds. The best part is, you don’t need experience working on Wall Street or a Harvard MBA to get started.

During his childhood, Bridger grew up in a modest home with an entrepreneur for a father. With fluctuating income, his parents instilled the values of money management in him from a young age. He admired his father’s spirit and began to follow in his footsteps. By his second year of college, Bridger ran four different businesses: Chinese tutoring, selling essential oils, online marketing, and wholesaling real estate. His father felt proud of everything Bridger did, but he also noticed a lack of focus. So, a meeting was set up for Bridger with his father’s business partner, giving him perspective and a goal.

As his mentor, the meeting with his father’s business partner changed Bridger’s life. After seeing this mentor’s life of wealth, Bridger wanted the same thing. This was the meeting that he learned the secret of the wealthy was running investment funds (private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, etc). However, the traditionally route was to work on Wall Street for 20+ years or go to an ivy league school to get in that game.

Using a unique approach from his mentor, after 8 months of coaching and mentorship, Bridger decided to launch his first fund at 22 years old. His mentor and him both loved the idea for the fund, but Bridger was stuck on one question, how do I actually raise the money for the investment fund? Bridger’s mentor sat him down and for weeks coached him on how to approach potential investors, pitch them on his idea, and close them in the fund. After months of pitching, Bridger was able to raise the money to launch his first fund! Since then, Bridger has launched two additional funds and raised and deployed millions of dollars out of those funds and it’s completely transformed his life.

Using a unique approach, Bridger sets himself apart in a competitive world. Bridger’s own father rejected his request to be the first investor. Not because he didn’t believe in him. In fact, it was the opposite. He wanted his son to learn how to raise money on his own. Which he did. As a Motivational Speaker, he actively teaches people to start and launch their own fund drawing from the lessons he’s learned along the way. He’s learned that you don’t need it all to have what you want, knowledge is at your fingertips if you look for it, and handouts won’t make you successful. “I had to grind, but it was well worth it because instead of waiting 10 years to realize my goal it has taken less than two,” he says.

 Bridger doesn’t define success by anything tangible. He considers the fruit of a life well lived and a strong family unit the most successful thing he can imagine. He lives a life of gratitude and love. After experiencing the tragedy of his brother taking his own life, Bridger understands that you never know what someone else is going through. “I was shocked and alone, but I really felt God’s hand in my life during that time. It shaped the rest of my life and how I run my life today,” he says.

What’s next for Bridger? He plans to launch another fund to raise $50mm to buy old big box stores like K-Mart and ShopCo. You can follow Bridger on Instagram @bridger_pennington or check out his Facebook Group.

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