Want to Become a Motivational Speaker? Darik Alexander Spills His Secrets!


Darik Alexander isn’t just your regular motivational speaker; he is an entrepreneur, has helped build a solution that allows investors to gain insights into the forex market and is a marketing genius. Before finding his drive as a motivational speaker, Darik had done it all; from working in a company to driving the sales and revenue for an organization. And, he came very close to almost losing it all.

His life story showcases how one can find inspiration to rise again despite the situation. The life lessons he learnt on the way were essential to his success as a motivational speaker, helping others find the fulfilment and purpose in their own lives. Assisting others to achieve their success is something that drives Darik, and he is passionate about helping people “to help bridge the gap from where people are to where they can be”.

If you are planning to be a motivational speaker, whether full-time or if you wish to implement some of the skills of the speakers in your presentations, here are a few tricks shared exclusively by Darik:

To truly connect with your audience, take the time to know them

Determine your target audience from the get-go. Doing so will help you create the content that is specific and has an impact on the audience that you are addressing. Most of the times, the audience for motivational speakers are young graduates, university students, job seekers or those looking for guidance in their careers; and their traits could include wanting to learn new skills, repurpose their goals or some other. Motivational speakers should be able to know what the audience wants and know their background.

Although being an expert in each field is not a requirement, before addressing an audience, one should know the kind of people they are interacting with. For example, if you are targeting small business owners, you should have an understanding of entrepreneurship and problems faced by small business owners to provide the right guidance and motivation to them.

Use personal experiences and add a story to have a greater impact

Although the lessons, critical pieces of advice and knowledge that you share with your audience is the crux of your talk, make sure you also connect it with real-life examples or share it in the form of a story. Using a backdrop to share your crucial message helps to reinforce the message and enables the audience to connect with it better. Use your own life experiences or those of your peers to help weave a story into your talk.

Motivational speakers who can connect their experiences with those of their audiences tend to succeed at getting the point across quickly and with more significant impact!

Develop public speaking skills

This may seem like a no-brainer; however, most individuals find it tough to find their voice when speaking in public. Public speaking skills may not be easy to come but isn’t some rocket science either. To develop and hone general speaking skills, start with a small crowd, whether in your office group, friends circle and keep expanding that circle as you gain the confidence to do more.

Slowly, you’ll have the skills to address a large group without any stage fright or fears!

Discover the passion within you to ignite the passion in others

In addition to having a vast understanding of what you are going to offer to your audience, know that an excellent motivational business speaker truly embodies what he teaches. To be able to ignite the fire in others, you need first to have a clear understanding of your own life, your goals, and workplace. Continue to evolve and make yourself a better person, so you set an example for others. Motivational speakers don’t just have a remarkable ability to help others make the right choices in their lives; they do the same for themselves first.

So while you start your journey to becoming an effective public speaker and motivate the crowd, start making the changes in your life that will help you get the right perspective. Find the right mentors and keep documenting your experience to help create the material that will help you once you get your first speaking opportunity!

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