Let’s Take a Sneak Peek Into Entrepreneur Amit Singh’s Lavish Quarantine Den


The popular automobile freak and fitness enthusiast, Amit Singh is currently making the most out of his self-quarantine in a lavish apartment in Mumbai.

Calling it a den, Amit Singh’s apartment is perfectly furnished as per the entrepreneur’s hobbies. With motivational quotes on one side and a huge shelve containing various toy cars of his favourite brands to having a table dedicated for his car keys which are arranged and named as per the weekly schedule. As we enter, there is a bed with a huge family portrait attached to the head and a large TV especially to play games.

Sharing the video of his uniquely furnished apartment, Amit says, “This is my den and I am totally enjoying my quarantine time here. The 4 walls perfectly depict my anger, childish behaviour, passion, laughter, love and a lot more. A place where I feel like heaven in between the automobile accessories. The messy place where I feel to get lost and play hide and seek again and again. ????

What is your happy place?”

Amit Singh is an owner of the Fusion Gym in Mumbai and has successfully established himself in the world of fitness.

Amit Singh is not only a fitness freak but is also one of India’s biggest automobile fanatics. His social media proves that Amit’s love for cars is undeniable. He is a huge fan of racing cars and loves tuning them.

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