Former journalist Jayanti Waghdhare calls working on movie campaigns at Planet Marathi OTT an ‘enriching experience

Jayanti Waghdhare 
Jayanti Waghdhare 
When we talk about Marathi entertainment, one name that comes to our mind is Planet Marathi OTT. Ever since the online streaming platform was launched, the excitement level of the audience has been at its peak. The newly launched OTT platform headed by Akshay Badrapurkar had its first film streaming online. The critically acclaimed Marathi film titled ‘June’ was streamed on June 30, and the online platform has got a lot of interesting projects that will be streaming soon.
The promotional activities of Planet Marathi OTT over the digital domain are going in full swing. Looking after its campaigns is Jayanti Waghdhare, AVP – Social Media at Planet Marathi OTT. Jayanti began her journey in the OTT industry earlier this year in March. Previously, she has worked as a senior journalist and an anchor at Zee 24 Taas, where she has interviewed a majority of the celebrities from the tinsel town.
Jumping from one job profile to a completely new profile, Jayanti Waghdhare went on to say that working for digital movie campaigns is an enriching experience. Recently, the logo of Planet Marathi OTT was unveiled, and we must say that it is simple yet quirky at the same time.
“We launched the logo a day before the release of ‘June’. The main aim behind the logo’s design was to make sure that the audience relates to entertainment, and they get to know that even Marathi cinema has made its foray into the digital space”, said Jayanti. While working on the social media and digital campaigns for Planet Marathi OTT, Jayanti Waghdhare explains that the work is completely different from what she has done earlier.
Elaborating about it, she said, “Interviewing celebrities for their promotional activities is one thing, and working on the different film campaigns to build the hype is a different ball game”. In the past, the media personality has interviewed some of the well-known names from the industry like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Madhuri Dixit Nene, Rani Mukerji and many more. As of now, Jayanti Wagdhare is busy in back-to-back digital marketing campaigns of the projects that will be streaming online on Planet Marathi OTT.
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