Geo Oku Cultivating a culture of vision and voice

Geo Oku
Geo Oku

Hip Hop in today’s day and date has become a global phenomenon, spreading its rave in the nooks and corners of the world. It has blended and transcended the artistic elements such as heart-pounding pulse, rapid-fire lyrics, and imagery to become a way of perceiving, celebrating, experiencing, understanding, confronting, and commenting on life and the world as we know it. Where this has led to the rise of numerous new global talents, only some of them have been able to capture mass attention, clearly pointing towards their uniqueness. One such example is that of Geo Oku, a hip-hop artist hailing from Georgia. 

Geo Oku was born and raised in Tbilisi to a well-known businessman and a mother who is a member of the Georgian parliament. Even after being given such a solid and stable initial environment, Oku never considered taking advantage of it, preferring instead to make a name for himself, do what he wants, and pursue his ambition from the outset. Oku was heavily affected by industry superstars Eminem and 50 Cent as he grew up, who encouraged him to be genuine to himself and put it into his music. He spent most of his time honing his style, and in order to do so, he relocated to London when he was 14 years old and took a music course to establish a solid foundation before starting on his career as a rapper.

For Oku, composing music and rapping has never been an individualistic thing, it has always been larger than life, something that not only represents his views and ideas but that of the entire generation associated with him. Oku considers it a deep-rooted culture, ever-evolving yet staying grounded, reflecting the vision and voice of the unheard people. For the very same reason, he also dabbled in the business world. Oku has been running G. Squad Productions, a well-known music firm, with his pals since 2016, with the goal of supporting undervalued musicians in the community, particularly those with a hip-hop background, and assisting burgeoning talent in achieving visibility. G.Squad has received a lot of acclaim and built a reputation for itself since its inception, thanks to Oku’s leadership.

Oku is vastly recognized for his debut song Trouble Makers that marked the beginning of his journey in this wild industry. Since then he has worked on several other projects along with releasing chart-hitting songs like Own That, Take A Trip, Lifestyle, and PayDay to name a few.  With his performance in this massive and ever-growing musical industry, Oku has certainly turned a lot of heads. He has undoubtedly carved out a niche for himself in this cutthroat environment, and has done so by showcasing his incredible talent! 

Hip Hop is, without a doubt, one of the most influential and giving movements in the world today. And what makes up for this fact is that people like Oku are taking a step forward to become the voice of the people who have prisoner tongues and represent entire communities as a whole, using their music to showcase a deep-seated vision of a better society.

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