Ella Mae Paris Cosmetics Starting a Natural Revolution for Hair Products

Ella Mae
Ella Mae

For as long as the wellness industry itself, companies in haircare have done all necessary to make hair look as naturally beautiful as possible. That is all that is possible except using more natural products in shampoo. Ella Mae Paris Cosmetics looks to change that by starting a new revolution that looks to create more naturally healthy products that deliver quality results for people with all hair types.

Ella Mae Paris Cosmetics is a hair care and beauty company based in Paris, France, dedicated to solving any hair problem someone might have by giving the market ideal hair shampoos and masks that suit their style best. The company has zeroed in on what makes for beautiful and naturally healthy hair the past few years. After spending a sizable investment on research and investment, Ella Mae Paris has developed beauty products that draw out natural beauty with natural solutions.

The company’s co-owner, Ella Mae, is an up-and-coming entrepreneur who greatly values innovation and health. As a hairdresser who shares the same work background as her mother and the same dream as her brother and sister, the company has always felt like a family affair. Together with the team, Ella has worked tirelessly to provide a product that delivers.

The name shampoo comes from the Hindi word “shampo,” which means to scrub or massage. Going back as far as the roots of discovery of some of the earliest hair care formulas, Ella Mae draws products straight from India, including using Karanja Oil, an ingredient that carries antioxidant properties that protect hair color from UV rays, pollutants, and the harsh environments that the world might bombard on ones set of hair.

Additionally, Ella Mae’s shampoo products use Grapefruit, Score, and Sisho to replace synthetic preservatives in hair and facial care products. More critical to the company as well as finding the right mix for various hair and skin types. Most people end up using the wrong product or remain unaware of the best product for them. Ella Mae Paris Cosmetics has devoted itself to educating people on different kinds of hair and helping them draw the best out of their natural hair type.

Ella Mae Paris Cosmetics focuses on a few benchmark goals when it comes to hair care. First, it seeks to lessen frizz. The company maintains that shampoo should work to lessen the frizz in one’s hair and keep it manageable at all times. Next, Ella Mae looks to create a product that adds volume to one’s hair and then reduces or even eliminates dandruff build-up. Lastly, healthy hair should also have a healthy texture, preferably one that isn’t too dry nor too oily.

One unique addition to Ella Mae’s list of natural products is a snail slime that studies have shown provides specific soothing and healing properties that work as a modern-day miracle on people’s hair. The secret to the product lies in the exceptional composition of mucus that snails secrete to protect themselves.

Ella Mae prides itself on being an animal cruelty-free facility, committing to stay clear of any harm to any living organism that moves and forms animal testing that could bring hazards to animals.

To learn more about Ella Mae Paris Cosmetics, visit the company’s website and Instagram account.

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