Rahul Munjariya’s new Janmashtami album with Bhoomi Trivedi ‘Rangtaali’ is out with its teaser


Music calms everything and heals a lot of lost souls. Gujarati Film industry has some amazing music scores and it has seen a lot of revolution in the entertainment industry. From singers to composers, everyone has found new heights in music. Rahul Munjariya is one such name in the music industry. His music has many losing their heart. Rahul is born and raised in Rajkot, Gujarat and has been working in the industry for years now.

Rahul has recently come up with a Janmashtami mashup called ‘Rangtaali’ under the music label of Sursagar for this auspicious celebration. The song is sung by Bhoomi Trivedi, lyrics by Devraj Adroj and Bharat Ravat. The music score is by Rahul Munjariya alongside Maulik Mehta. The teaser sounds melodious and soothing with a background of flute incorporated to celebrate Shri Krishna. The sound of flute makes this a perfect track for this Janmashtami. People can be at home and still be able to enjoy the music when the covid restrictions are many.

The teaser received many comments when Rahul took to Instagram to post it. The fan and followers are all excited to listen to the complete mashup. He has done multiple films in the past and now plans to do few movies and short projects. He also mentioned, ‘I am glad that we finally have the mashup ready. It is always an exciting event to celebrate Janmashtami; however, since the last two years have been hard, I hope this Janmashtami brings in happiness and joy to everyone. I have been waiting for all my listeners’ reactions after the teaser. It is all set now and hope everyone loves it.

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